Swifty Sharp from Telebrands is a cordless motorized blade sharpener that promises to give you precision sharpening for all your knives and tools. They tout it has a professional-grade sapphire stone, which will hone it at the perfect angle and will make any blade razor sharp in just seconds.

How Swifty Sharp Works

Swifty Sharp is a small, bright green device with a black sharpening guide covering a sapphire stone. They tout it’s cordless and motorized but they don’t provide any battery or charging information (customer service had no further information, either).

To use Swifty Sharp, they instruct you to take your dull blade, be it a bread knife, steak knife, pairing knife, or even a meat clever, and place it in the groove of the black sharpening guide. They state the motorized sapphire stone will grind your blade to perfection with just a couple passes through the machine. They add you can remove the guide to sharpen scissors or garden tools and Swifty Sharp easily stores in a drawer for future use.

Swifty Sharp Cost:

$21.94, which is listed as $14.99 plus $6.95 P&H. However, the default order includes a pair of multi-purpose shears and adds another $4.95 in fees for a total of $26.89 – if you want just the Swifty Sharp you need to change the radio button.

Swifty Sharp comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but remember this is just for the initial $14.95 and not any added fees. You must also a) pay the return shipping and b) include a written explanation of why you did not like Swifty Sharp, otherwise Telebrands could refuse your request.

Bottom Line: Will Swifty Sharp Sharpen My Knives?

You would think sharpening a knife would be an easy thing, when in fact it is an art form with many different types of tools (stones, steels, and systems) as well as books, DVDs and how-to videos on proper technique. There are also knife-sharpening services that professional chefs and restaurants use, in order to keep their cutlery always on the cutting-edge.

For the novice home user (aka YOU) we’ll just focus on two types that are the easiest to use, as discussed by Steve Bottoff in his book Sharpening Made Easy. First, he mentions the crock stick, a sharpener that mounts to a table and comes with a set of long, thin grooved pieces of ceramic that are notched at a pre-determined angle. One of the ones he recommends is the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpener, which sells for about $45 on Amazon.

Then of course there are electric sharpeners like Swifty Sharp. One of the most popular that Mr. Bottoff also recommends Chef’s Choice which comes in a variety of different models, but essentially has 3 different diamond-coated sharpening wheels (for different grades of sharpening) and is adjustable to change the angle. Professional models run about $150 but a Home version retails for $39.95 on Amazon.

For comparison, the Swifty Sharp has just one wheel at a preset angle and is made from sapphire not diamond. We also don’t know how Swifty Sharp is powered and it only has a 30-day guarantee, whereas Chef’s Choice machines come with one year.

When choosing a sharpener, you should also keep in mind how much you spent on your knives. Were they expensive or family heirlooms? Simply put, you are not going to want to put an expensive knife into a cheap machine. “I’ve seen many knives ruined by (cheap sharpeners),” Mr. Bottoff says.

In addition, remember that Telebrands has a terrible reputation with consumers, getting an F from the Better Business Bureau for faulty products that don’t live up to their hype, aggressive upselling, and lousy customer service.

We’ll leave you with a quick down-and-dirty sharpening tip that your grandma may have used (courtesy Lifehacker): turn over your coffee mug and use the unglazed ring, gently running the blade across it from tip to handle. This move may sharpen things up a bit while you consider a more serious tool for the job.

Let us know your experience with Swifty Sharp below!

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