Sweet Support is a posture-aligning device sold by Telebrands that promises it will automatically make you sit up straight, relieving pains in the neck and back caused by slouching. They state you only need to wear Sweet Support a few minutes a day as it will train you to sit correctly even when you are not wearing it.

How does Sweet Support work to adjust my posture?

Sweet Support is a sling-type of device that wraps around your waist and loops around your knees. To use Sweet Support, they instruct you to take a seat and close the brace around your waist; next, take the loops and slide over each knee and gently tighten until you find that “sweet” spot, where you are sitting up perfectly straight.

When adjusted correctly, they state Sweet Support makes it impossible to slouch. They add that not only will Sweet Support relieve aches associated with poor posture, sitting up straight will improve your overall health and mood.

They insist you can use Sweet Support anywhere you sit down, be it at the office computer, the dinner table, a sporting event, or even playing poker with the guys. In addition, they claim Sweet Support will train you to sit up straight on your own just by wearing it a few minutes a day.

What is the cost for Sweet Support posture aligning sling?

Sweet Support sells for $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling for a total of $26.98. If you would like an additional Sweet Support, they claim they’ll send you another for a $9.99 fee making the total $36.97 for 2.

Sweet Support Refund Information

Telebrands Customer Service: 855-668-1655.

Telebrands offers what they call a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” for Sweet Support, but what this really means is they will give you back your initial $19.99 if you decide within 30 days that you do not like it (they’ll keep the extra fees). You must return Sweet Support in its original packaging and include a detailed explanation as to why you don’t want it, otherwise they could refuse your request.

Bottom Line: Is Sweet Support a good way to have “sweet” posture?

Sweet Support is right about the importance of having good posture. Studies show that sitting up straight improves mood, memory, digestion, better bone health, and helps prevent headaches.

And while a device like Sweet Support can possibly help you find the right alignment, it’s never a good idea to rely on them for too long, as they can actually weaken those muscles over time. That’s why it’s good that Sweet Spot tells you to wear it for just a few minutes a day to train yourself how to sit with your spine in the perfect place.

BUT here are a few things to remember about Sweet Support:

1. This product is sold by Telebrands, the Mother of all As Seen On TV companies who had their BBB accreditation revoked and their rating lowered to a D-. Telebrands has also been sued by the state of New Jersey for violating their Consumer Fraud Act. Undercover detectives ordering from Telebrands’ automated system were subject to aggressive upselling and had difficulty canceling their orders. (Telebrands denies these allegations and the lawsuit is still pending.)

2. Any shipping and handling fees will be kept by Telebrands even if you return Sweet Support, plus you must pay to ship it back to them yourself.

Therefore, if you are interested in Sweet Support, we’ll give you a special tip: don’t order from their website or over the telephone. Instead, wait for it to be available at your local Walgreens, CVS, or any other store in your area that has an “As Seen On TV” aisle. The truth is, in spite of the fact that they claim this offer is not available in stores, Telebrands makes 90% of its sales via retail. This will save you from long shipping times, extra fees, and will make for an easier return if it’s a crappy product. (ASOTV products usually appear in stores a month or so after they appear on TV.)

How To Sit Up Straight

The key to correct posture is awareness. So, while a device like Sweet Support may indeed remind you to sit up straight, it’ll also make you look a little silly. You could accomplish the same reminder with a strategically placed Post-It note on your desk:

Stop Slouching Post-It note

Cost: Free

When you see this note:

  • Place your feet flat on the floor, knees bent 90 degrees
  • Sit at the back of your chair, with your lower back against it
  • Do as it says – don’t hunch or slouch
  • When using a computer, keep arms at 90 degree angle and your computer screen just below eye level so you don’t have to move your neck
  • Relax your shoulders and keep your head straight

Exercises to help the lower back

If your back still hurts, it may be a good idea to add some stretching to your daily routine:

  • Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest
  • Stretch your spine by lying on your back and bringing your knee across your body
  • Stand next to a table or chair and bend one knee and grab the foot behind your buttock

More tips can be found in this article from Woman’s Day. You may also be interested in reading The 7-Minute Back Pain Solution upon which the article is based.

There are also several free stretching apps available for your iPhone and Android devices.

If you have limited mobility due to a disability you should consult with a doctor.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Sweet Support. Let us know your experience below!