Sweep Easy bills itself as the only broom you’ll ever have to own because it contains a retractable scraper that hides inside its bristles. The infomercial explains you can use the scraper to remove any sticky yuckies like gum, food, or stickers and then sweep them away with the broom.

Sweep Easy on ABC's Shark Tank

Perhaps Sweep Easy’s biggest claim-to-fame is that the inventor Shane Parnell appeared on the cutthroat ABC program “Shark Tank” in 2011 where people vie for funding from skeptical businessmen. On the show, Shane caused a “feeding frenzy” from the sharks and kudos from viewers who were all blown away by Shane’s Sweep Easy idea. The Sweep Easy website showcases a clip from the episode to add to their pitch.

What Sweep Easy Does

Sweep Easy is essentially a broom that has a built-in retractable scraper; it doesn’t come with a dustpan. The website claims Sweep Easy is “eco-friendly” but doesn’t elaborate on what that means – is it made of recyclable materials or does it just clean the “environment” meaning your floor? (We sent an email but have yet to receive a response.)

Also, we found a Sweep Easy infomercial that talked of an additional scrubber attachment but there was no information about that on the website. A Good Housekeeping article said Sweep Easy would be rolling out other attachments in 2013, but so far nothing.

Sweep Easy Sells For

$29.90. On the website and in the “Shark Tank” segment, Shane says he would sell his product for $19.95; however, this appears to not have included the shipping fees of $9.95. Sweep Easy comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus that $9.95.

We’d like to applaud Sweep Easy’s Privacy Policy which promises to not divulge your information to third parties and lets you easily unsubscribe to unwanted emails.

Bottom Line: Will Sweep Easy Sweep You Off Your Feet?

We all love to root for the underdog and are happy for the success of Mr. Parnell and his Sweep Easy. This product may indeed be a good idea for schools, hospitals, movie theaters, or anywhere else that there might be lots of sticky messes on the floor that you don’t want to stoop to scrape off.

But is this really that great an invention for the home consumer? If you have lots of kids that are constantly spilling stuff, perhaps. But at almost $30 for a plastic broom-and-scraper, we wonder if it’s really worth the hype – we couldn’t find any consumer reviews to support or refute their claims.

Also, since there’s no contact information other than an email and mailing address, we worry that it might be difficult getting a refund. (Mr. Parnell’s @sweepeasy Twitter page has been silent since January 2012.)

Tell us what you think – did you buy Sweep Easy and was it as great an invention as they claim or is it junk?