Sweat Belt is a garment you wear around your midsection that claims to be the quick and easy way to trim inches off your waist and lose weight fast. They state this is because the Thermo Tech fabric insulates your body’s heat, helping it to burn fat faster and remove water weight right where you want to lose it most.

Why they say Sweat Belt is such a great way to lose belly fat fast

The makers of Sweat Belt state their product is made of a lightweight material called Thermo Tech fabric, which they tout helps heat your body up faster, raising your core temperature and causing you to burn calories and sweat more. They add Sweat Belt is comfortable, fully adjustable, and can be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Sweat Belt says that you can use the device in the gym to maximize your workouts, helping you warm up better, exercise longer, and recover faster. Sweat Belt exclaims you can also wear it around the house while doing everyday chores to burn fat and calories away. They tout Sweat Belt can be worn over or under your clothes so you can be discrete while still sweating away the pounds. To prove their point, they show a thermal imaging picture of a woman’s midsection that appears to show more heat after using the Sweat Belt (but they don’t say what this temperature is or how long it Sweat Belt was worn).

In addition, Sweat Belt states their garment supports your lower back and compresses abdominal core muscles for a 360-degree waist trimming effect. They promise Sweat Belt will make you look great, feel great, and help you lose that muffin top or belly fat faster.

How much they are charging for a Sweat Belt waist trimmer

Sweat Belt has a TV and Internet offer where they claim if you buy one Sweat Belt you get another one free for $14.99. However, there is some fine print: in addition to the shipping and handling charges of $6.99 for the first Sweat Belt they charge another $6.99 in fees for the supposedly free second Sweat Belt, making the true total $28.64 for 2. (This is the default order – if you would like just one Sweat Belt, you need to un-check the box labeled “YES, I would like my BONUS Sweat Belt for just an additional $6.99 P&H.”)

A note about the Sweat Belt 30-day money back guarantee

Sweat Belt (like many “As Seen On TV” products) carries a 30-day money back guarantee; however, like most of these products this does not include any of the P&H fees and what it costs to ship it back to them. This means if you ordered 2 Sweat Belts and you return them within the 30 day time period, they will keep the $13.98 in fees they charged and you will also have to pay the return postage (they usually suggest sending with a tracking number which ensures receipt but also adds to the fees).

Sweat Belt customer service can be reached at: 844-255-9152.

Bottom Line: Is Sweat Belt a great way to lose my stubborn belly fat, support my lower back, and make me look slimmer?

Mostly no. We’ll go through their claims one by one so you understand why we are saying this.

Let’s start with the weight loss claim. While it is true if you wear Sweat Belt around your middle you will likely get sweaty and lose water weight, this is only a temporary thing. As the Daily Burn explains in an article about sweating and exercise, once you rehydrate (meaning drink more water) you will quickly gain the weight back. Jessica Matthews, the American Council of Exercise’s Senior Advisor adds: “The truth is, no matter how much or little you sweat, it doesn’t always correlate to calories burned or how hard you’re working.”

We’d also like to point out Consumer Reports did a test of a similar product called the Belly Burner on joggers and found that in spite of making them sweat more, it did not increase their metabolic rate.

Another important thing to know is that spot reduction (meaning targeting a particular area of the body for losing fat) is a myth. In reality, when we burn fat we take it from all parts of our body. A 1971 Yale study that measured the layers of fat on tennis players’ arms found they were both the same, in spit of the fact that one arm is clearly working harder.

Next, we’d like to point out a couple potential dangers of using Sweat Belt while exercising. If you close it around your middle too tight you could constrict your ability to take deep breaths, which will not only prevent you from having a good workout but could possibly cause you to pass out.

Sweat Belt also claims to support your lower back and abdomen, but this can give you a false sense of strength causing you to lift more than you should, leading to injury. Studies have shown wearing these types of back support belts regularly can actually weaken your muscles over time.

So is there any claim Sweat Belt makes that may be true? Well, if you wear it under your clothes, it could make you stand up straight, appear slimmer, and possibly remind you to eat less. However, as we explained in our article about the dangers of so-called waist training, you should never wear these belts too tight or for too long.

In sum: Sweat Belt may make you lose a little water weight temporarily but won’t have any permanent effect on your middle. If you do want to wear it under your clothes for a confidence boost, do so for only short periods of time. We do not recommend wearing it too tightly, especially while working out.

Let us know your experience with Sweat Belt below!