Supreme Pilates Pro is a piece of equipment invented by Ellen Croft, a fitness instructor who said she wanted to give people a way to exercise at home. It’s sold by Beverly Hills Fitness, who promises you will get the body you want with this foldable, portable machine and offer a $1 trial where you can check it out yourself.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates was invented in the early part of last century by a guy named Joseph Pilates. It was first called “Contrology” and Mr. Pilates also created a type of exercise machine to go with it called the Reformer, which consisted of pulleys and springs and designed to perform over 500 exercises.

The main idea of Pilates and its machines is to focus on increasing core strength while stretching and aligning the body for optimum health and fitness (aka the “sexy body you’ve always wanted”) through intensive resistance-based workouts.

In the United States, Pilates has become especially popular in the last 10 years. While some practice using the Reformer, other machines and equipment have also been developed. In addition, many people practice PIlates without a machine at all on a rubber mat, using their own body for resistance.

What Is Supreme Pilates Pro?

Supreme Pilates Pro claims to combine Pilates exercises along with Barre and Yoga ­­– it is not a Reformer machine. It has a foldable floor mat and when unfolded it’s 5’ x 4’ x 2’. Shipping weight is 70 lbs. but the actual unit weighs 50 lbs. It folds up to 3’ x 2.5’ and comes with wheels.

The Supreme Pilates Pro machine has a ballet barre, 2 resistance springs attached to 2 straps and an attachable sculpting bar as well as a padded floor area for mat work. Your purchase also comes with 5 instructional DVDs and a ballet barre positioning ball. They tout it comes completely assembled and ready to use in seconds (but you’ve got to attach the wheels first).

Supreme Pilates Pro’s “Supreme” Offer

To get the Supreme Pilates Pro in your living room, the website says you can try it for 30 days for just $1, but a closer look at the price reveals it to be at least $35.50 ($1 for the machine, $34.50 for the shipping).

If you decide to keep the machine, you’ll be charged $498.40, which is broken down into 8 payments of $62.30.

If you don’t like Supreme Pilates Pro, you can return it within 30 days and owe Beverly Hills Fitness nothing more; however you will have to pay to ship it back. (Hint: at 70 lbs., it’s not going to be cheap.)

Supreme Pilates Pro comes with a standard 1-year limited warranty. You can upgrade to Gold for $29.95, which covers normal wear and tear, or Platinum (5 years) for $49.95 extra.

Bottom Line: Is Supreme Pilates Pro a Supreme Idea?

Supreme Pilates Pro may be a piece of exercise equipment that will help you do a variety of workouts. Currently, Beverly Hills Fitness is accredited by the BBB and receives an A rating with zero complaints from consumers. Ellen Croft, the inventor, has very limited info available about herself or her Santa Barbara Pilates studio.

We would like to point out or remind you of a few things:

First, the total price is $532.90, which includes the $1 trial period and shipping fees. If you do return this machine, it will cost you at least $34.50 to ship it back, if not more. Therefore, you may be out $70 or more even if you didn’t like it.

Second, there is no information or sample available of the DVD workouts and it is unknown if Ellen Croft, the inventor is the host. In addition, according to customer service there are currently only those 5 DVD titles; they said more workouts would be coming out sometime next year but couldn’t specify when.

Third, remember, this is not a Reformer, which can cost thousands of dollars.

There are a handful of positive reviews of Supreme Pilates Pro. The most common negative comments made by consumers is that it doesn’t fold up as compact as promised and it’s heavy to move around.

If you are considering doing Pilates for the first time, perhaps you should concentrate on some workouts that only require a mat. Here is a good place to start: 7 Major Pilates Moves for All-Over Toning.

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