Supergoop! (it’s always spelled with an exclamation mark) is the silly name of a company that touts a line of broad spectrum sun defense skincare products. In spite of its name, they insist Supergoop! Is lightweight and never goopy, and contains ingredients that will not only protect you from sun damage but also reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen production.

What’s so cool about Supergoop’s sunscreen products?

Supergoop! was founded by Holly E. Thaggard who says she became aware of the dangers of the sun when her friend was diagnosed with melanoma. She states Supergoop! was designed not only to protect the skin from UVA UVB, and even IRA (infrared) rays, but also has antioxidants to help make skin look younger.

Supergoop! claims to be the first prestige skin care line dedicated solely to protection from the sun. There are 2 types of products: sun filters and sun blockers. Sun filters have a yellow label and are said to that scatter UV rays and allows the skin to breathe/sweat so they are better for more active people. Sun blocker products have a blue label and are designed to deflect UV rays and they say are great for people with sensitive skin. 

Supergoop! offers their sun protection products in mists, oils, serums, and other formulas that can be applied to the bare skin. They promise Supergoop! products contain no parabens, oxybenzone, synthetic fragrances, or nanoparticles and both you and your family will love how great they feel on the skin. Supergoop! adds that their products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. 

What about Dimethicone?

Supergoop! states that their products do contain dimethicone, a type of silicone that is often used in creams to make it easier to spread; Supergoop! states it uses the dimethicone to help zinc oxide spread more evenly, which results in higher SPF protection. Supergoop! adds that dimethicone is approved by the FDA and given a low hazard rating of 3 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) a non-profit pro-consumer website. (However, it should be noted Supergoop! did not make EWG’s list of 235 safest sunscreen products.)

It should also be mentioned that while Supergoop! sun care products appear to be safe for most people, a small number may have a serious allergic reaction that could include dizziness, trouble breathing, rashes, and swelling. 

Conclusion: Dimethicone is safe for most people, but if you experience a reaction, take it off immediately and contact your doctor.

How much do they charge for Supergoop! sunscreen products?

Supergoop! has a variety of products ranging from $8 - $48 plus value packages which give you several products for one price. (A Day to Day Value Set with travel sized packages sells for $45.) 

Does Supergoop! have a return policy?

Supergoop! products come with a 30-day money back guarantee minus shipping and handling fees, so long as it is returned in the original packaging with the receipt. Any products returned after 30 days are for exchange only.

Supergoop! customer service: 877 564-7330.

Bottom Line: Is Supergoop! a super sunscreen for my skin?

Supergoop! is a boutique line of sun products that appears to be sincere in their efforts for protecting people from its harmful rays. A thorough review by Beautypedia concluded that Supergoop! products are good at providing broad spectrum protection, but noted that the antioxidants included said to help rebuild collagen and make skin younger are in low concentrations, especially relative to its price. 

The review noted that while Supergoop! gets high marks for its light non-greasy formula, some of them contain natural fragrances that could cause allergic reactions in some people.

Over at Birchbox, the reviews from subscribers who received a Supergoop! sample in their monthly box generally give it raves. The Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 averages 4.1 stars from over 14,350 reviews. (The biggest complaint is it is not for sensitive skin.)

About IRA Radiation

IRA radiation is a ray from the sun we don’t hear too much about, although it counts for 54% of light; our computers and other devices also give of IRA waves. While IRA radiation is responsible for stimulating the production of collagen and elastin (which makes our skin spongy and stretchy) too much of it can be harmful. The Healthy Skin Blog states that while antioxidants included in sunscreen products may slow IRA waves, more study is needed. They add that any commercially available sunscreen has yet to prove its effectiveness against IRA waves. 

In other words: Supergoop! is light and easy to apply and will likely protect you, for a price. However, there are some concerns about fragrances and the ingredient dimethicone, which may irritate some people’s skin. 

How to shop for sunscreen

When purchasing sunscreen it’s important to be protected against both UVA and UVB waves. While we use the Sun Protection Factor (aka SPF) to gage protection against UVB (SPF 30 protects from 97% of them) there is no accepted seal of protection against UVA. Look for sunscreen that promise a “broad spectrum” protection and there’s no need to go above SPF 50

According to a recent Consumer Reports, some of the best sunscreen products that offered the most protection were also the cheapest sold at CVS and Target for under $1 an ounce. You can find a list of their 2015 top sunscreens here

And as we mentioned earlier, the Environmental Working Group is an organization trying to get more regulation of ingredients in beauty products. In addition to their list of best sunscreens, it publishes a free guide to safer sunscreens (requires an email address). 

You may also want to look for products that have the seal of recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation with their product finder. (Supergoop! does not appear on this list.)

Let us know your experience with Supergoop! below.

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