Style Stockings tout themselves as a more stylish version of a compression stocking as they come in four different patterns. Style Stockings state you can wear them throughout the day and they will promote healthy leg circulation and no one will know you are wearing compression socks because they’ll look so fabulous.

How Style Stockings Work

Style Stockings are a type of compression stocking that go up to the knee and start tighter at the bottom of the ankle, gradually loosening. They claim this helps soothe achy legs and relieve discomfort and you can wear them all day or during long plane flights. The main thing that they say sets them apart from other compression stockings are their stylish floral, leopard, and paisley patterns (it’s also available in solid black). They promise Style Stockings will make you look great as well as feel great, at least from knee to toe. 

Style Stockings Cost:

$19.90 for 2 Style Stockings, listed on the website as $10 plus $4.95 for the first Style Stockings and the second one is free; however, they also charge another $4.95  in shipping fees. 

Style Stockings come with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus those shipping fees and what it costs you to send them back. 

Bottom Line: Is Style Stockings a Good Idea?

First and foremost, it should be noted that these are not medical grade compression stockings, which are prescribed by a doctor and come in varying strengths, listed as mmHg (millimeters of mercury). Style Stockings don’t have any information on the website and neither did customer service but mild compression stockings like these are usually in the 8-15mmHg range. These are good for minor conditions like swollen ankles and tired legs.

Generally speaking, you should consult a doctor to see if you need compression stockings and they will give you a prescription and even measure the strength you need. These can then be ordered from a medical supply company. Although they won’t be as sexy as Style Stockings, they are helpful in treating varicose veins, clots in the legs, or leg circulation problems.

If you need more information about compression stockings we suggest you read this brochure from the Vascular Disease Foundation. That said, if you need a little more spring in your step and you want to look and feel stylish while doing it, Style Stockings may be a good choice. Let us know your experience below!