Straight N Go is a hair straightening brush that promises salon-quality results quickly and easily from home. They claim the secret is the dual-sided ceramic plates and the vented design that heats the brush and circulates air, allowing you to tame those frizzy locks fast.

How Straight N Go Works

Straight N Go are essentially two brushes clamped together that you use in conjunction with a blow dryer to style your hair; it comes in pink and black. Straight N Go is said to have ceramic plates that will heat up quickly, vents that allow air to circulate, and interlocking bristles that slide through the hair, making it sleek and shiny. They make it look easy to use, instructing you to close it together and use blow dryer, promising you’ll have straight, tangle-free hair minutes later.

Straight N Go Costs

$31.94 or $21.94 depending on whether you opt for 1 or 2 Straight N Gos (the default option is 2). This is broken down into $14.99 plus $6.95 P&H for the first Straight N Go and if you would like a second one, they add another $10.

Straight N Go comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus the $6.95 P&H and what it costs you to ship back.

Bottom Line: Is Straight N Go a Good Deal?

Straight N Go may indeed help you straighten your hair. There aren’t very many reviews of the product yet, but some have complained the handle is too short so the heat of the dryer burns your hand.

It should also be noted that Straight N Go is an “As Seen On TV” product sold by Product Trend LLC, aka Hampton Direct. According to the BBB, this company has a pattern of complaints concerning advertising, sales, and customer service issues. (We’ve had consumers warn us about their 3 Way Poncho.)

If you are looking for a ceramic hair straightening brush, keep in mind that you should look for a manufacturer that uses solid ceramic, not plates coated in ceramic as they will wear out over time and could possibly damage your hair (brushes with tourmaline added also help with frizz). Since solid ceramic is more expensive than coated ceramic, odds are Straight N Go is coated ceramic – although customer service was unable to confirm this.

If you are shopping around for a ceramic brush to deal with frizzy or wavy hair, let us point you to the following articles:

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