Steady Pro Ruler is a 24-inch ruler that has 2 levels and a handle that the makers claim will let you level, measure, and draw a straight line easily. They say you will save time and money when hanging pictures, mirrors, or shelves because you can do it quickly without costly mistakes. When done, they promise it folds in half for storage.

But is Steady Pro Ruler a tool no household should be without or is it a waste of money? Let’s see if it measures up…

The Steady Pro Ruler Pitch

Steady Pro Ruler is targeted at handymen-and-women who have a lot of stuff they want to hang or just like the idea of new tools or gadgets. They tout it is easy to use to mark drill holes or level pictures perfectly and won’t slip like regular rulers. They add it’s perfect for arts and crafts or can be used by professional carpenters.

How Steady Pro Ruler Works

Steady Pro Ruler is a 2-foot ruler that is made from an unknown material (it looks metal) that has both inches and centimeters on its face. Near the center is a black handle with built-in vertical and horizontal levels on each side. To use Steady Pro Ruler, pull it out whenever you need to make sure something is level or want draw a straight line.

They tout the EZ grip handle will hold Steady Pro Ruler in place and the plumb levels will make sure it’s “laser straight” and not tilting. They add once you are done measuring or marking, you can fold it in half and store in a tool belt or drawer.

Steady Pro Ruler Costs:

$27.89 which includes 2 Steady Pro Rulers. They attempt to mask the purchase amount by saying it is $14.99 plus $7.95 but WAIT – they give you a “free” ruler and also automatically tack on another $4.95 in fees.

The Steady Pro Ruler website offers a 30-Day warranty and/or money-back guarantee, minus S&H; if returning, you must include a written explanation as well. The site also mentions a 90-day warranty on the “Deluxe Model” but there is no information elsewhere as to what this is. A call to customer service confirmed that the “Deluxe” is a 3-foot version which costs an additional $10 ($5 each) and $2.99 shipping for a total of $43.87 for 2 rulers, pitched as an upsell during your order.

Bottom Line: Is Steady Pro Ruler a Scam?

We’re pretty sure Steady Pro Ruler will draw a straight line, however:

  • What is it made of? (It’s probably not stainless steel or metal or they would mention it.)
  • At almost $30 it seems on the pricey side for a ruler, even with a built-in handle/level and the so-called Deluxe is $10 more.
  • The company behind Steady Pro Ruler is Lenfest Media Group, makers of My Spy Birdhouse and Catch Caddy, which have received particularly nasty complaints.
  • These people complain not only of a poorly made product but also of aggressive upsell techniques.

We suggest you keep these things in mind when deciding whether Steady Pro Ruler is the tool for you. Let us know what you think below!