StarNight Laser is a solar device from Tri-Star products that claims it will light up your house at night for the holidays and other occasions. They boast that StarNight Laser solar is easy to install, covers 600 square feet, and will dazzle you and your neighbors with advanced holographic laser light technology that will fill your property with lights.

How does StarNight Laser Solar work to light up my property?

StarNight Laser claims it needs no wires or electricity to work, just the power of the sun. To user your StarNight lasers, they tell you to stick it in the ground, pointing the light at your home or a tree. They claim that during the day the StarNight Laser light will charge from the sun, and as it gets dark, turn on and make your exterior sparkle automatically.

They state the secret is what they call “advanced holographic laser light technology” that makes a spectacular 3D special effect of over 1000 points of light so it looks like it is floating in a star field. They insist just 1 StarNight Laser Solar light covers 600 square feet and you can adjust the density by moving the unit towards or away from the object you are trying to light.

They state StarNight Laser is water resistant, great all year round, but especially cool for Halloween, 4th or July, Christmas, or to light up a party in the back yard. They say you can even use StarNight Laser indoors for a romantic evening for 2.

How much does it cost for a StarNight Laser?

StarNIght Laser is sold on the website and commercial for $19.99 plus $7.99 processing and handling for a total of $27.98. This unit is said to be a red laser and comes with free mounting stake so you put it in the dirt.

StarNight Laser sSolar encourages you to buy more units at a reduced price: 3 StarNight Lasers that cover 1,600 feet sell for $59.97 plus $16.99 shipping (total: $76.96) and 5 for $79.96 plus $19.99 shipping fees (total: $99.95) that is said to cover 3,000 feet or your whole house.

At checkout they also upsell you for a mounting stand for carpet, tile, hardwood, or concrete for $6.99 each, shipping and handling included.

Is there a money back guarantee for StarNIght Laser?

Yes. There is a 60-day money back guarantee for StarNight Laser, but this does not include any of the processing and handling fees and what it costs to return to the m.

There is also a 60-day limited warranty, which does not cover normal wear and tear. If your StarNight Laser Solar is defective, you can return for a replacement, but again you must pay to send it back to them as well as pay a $14.99 fee for the return postage.

StarNight Laser from Tri-Star Products’s telephone number is 973-287-5136

Bottom Line: Is StarNight Laser a great way to make my house sparkle at night?

Maybe… BUT there are a few things you should think about. First, in order to get your house to appear with the colorful 3D star field that they show in the commercial you are certainly going to need more than one StarNight Laser – the first one you buy only comes in red.

That means, you’ll likely have to spend $99.95 on the 5 light package, plus possibly an additional $34.95 for the concrete stands – much less of a bargain than the $19.99 they promote in the commercial.

If you’re going to start spending that kind of money, you might consider purchasing from a company that specializes in outdoor LED lights and not an “As Seen On TV” company like Tri-Star.

Consumer reviews of StarNight Laser tend to lean towards the negative, which makes us wonder if the light is really as “spectacular” as they say in the commercial. Adding to the fact that it only has a 60-day warranty and says “water resistant” not “water proof” makes us concerned it won’t last from 4th of July to Christmas like they promise.

Let us know your experience with StarNight Laser below!

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