Stain Stompers is a pad that the manufactures insist will remove the toughest stains on any carpeting with the step of your foot. They tout Stain Stompers contains Woolite and if you place it on the floor and give it a few stomps, it will activate the oxy stain fighting formula, and extract and absorb the stain.

How does Stain Stompers work to clean carpet stains?

Stain Stompers is an absorbent pad said to be 4” by 4” and contains Woolite, a cleaning product made by Bissell. To use Stain Stompers, first make a mess on the carpet with wine, food, or any other staining item. (Ok, you probably don’t want to do this purposefully.)

Next, they instruct you to take the 4x4 pad and place directly over the affected area of the carpet and give it a few stomps (if you’re in an apartment, you might want to warn the downstairs neighbors first). They claim the stomping action will activate the stain fighting formula, which will cause the mess to extract from the carpet and be absorbed into the pad.

After a few minutes, they say to remove the Stain Stomper and voila! The yucky stain is gone and the Stain Stomper pad can be thrown away. They insist Stain Stomper will prevent you from scrubbing or having to bend down to clean up a carpet mess. 

What does it cost for a package of Stain Stompers?

Stain Stompers says it sells for $14.99 plus shipping and handling for 10 4x4 pads and they’ll double the offer so you get 20. However, this “double offer” means you will pay “double” the shipping and handling – $6.99 for the first set of 10 and another $6.99 for the second – making the true total $28.97. 

Stain Stompers Refund Information

Stain Stompers customer service: 888-590-7972.

Stain Stompers is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, but this does not include the $13.98 in shipping (and you also have to pay to ship it back). 

Bottom Line: is Stain Stompers a good way to get rid of stains?

Stains on a brand new carpet are a big bummer, and nobody likes to get down on their hands and knees to clean up so we can see the appeal of Stain Stompers. However, there are a few things we’d like to point out. First, you don’t get very much stain stomping action for your money as each 4 inch square costs $1.45.

Second, even if you try Stain Stompers and return it if it doesn’t work they will keep almost half of what you paid. To us at BrightReviews, this is a red flag as it means they will still make money off of you whether it works or not. We should also mention that the customer service number provided is an automated system, which many consumers find frustrating when trying to get a refund.

Therefore, we do not recommend Stain Stompers.

How to get rid of any carpet stain

If something spills on your carpet, don’t cry. There are several ways to get out a stain without scrubbing and/or stomping. Real Simple has a series of steps that involve vinegar, dish detergent, or nail polish remover, depending on the type of stain and material the carpet is made of. Generally speaking, you do place an absorbent pad (in this case a paper towel) on the stain for a few minutes to let it soak up the mess and/or gently blot – never scrub or you may damage the carpet. (This Old House has a series of instructions as well.) 

If you need know how to remove a red wine stain, you can use salt, hot water, and vinegar as explained in this instructional video.

Let us know your experience with Stain Stompers below!

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