Stain 911 from Telebrands is a liquid cleaner they promise gets rid of any oil stains on your property without any scrubbing. They state it combines a degreaser with a drying agent and that it’s environmentally friendly as well.

How Stain 911 Works

Stain 911 doesn’t list its ingredients but it comes in a white liquid. To use Stain 911, they instruct you to pour it on the mucked up bit of concrete, stone, masonry, or wood and let it dry to a powder. They claim it will soak up all the nasty grease and you can sweep up the mess and throw it in the trash.

Stain 911 Costs You:

$16.99 for a “double sized” bottle of Stain 911 (they don’t say how much a single size is and Telebrands customer service had no more information). For another $6.99 in fees you can add another bottle.

Since Stain 911 is a consumable product, Telebrands will not accept opened bottles for return. Therefore, if you try Stain 911 and it doesn’t work, you are out of luck. (You may return unopened bottles within 30 days for the price minus shipping and handling, as long as you include a written explanation as to why.)

Bottom Line: Is Stain 911 Worth It?

You may or may not have heard the name Telebrands, but you certainly have seen the “As Seen On TV” logo they invented as well as products from Amish Secret to Zip Sox that often populate the airwaves.

Telebrands does not have a very good reputation right now. The Better Business Bureau gives them an F rating, due to over 500 complaints in the last 6 months. These range from advertising and sales issues to problems with their products.

Also, in August 2014, the State of New Jersey filed a lawsuit against Telebrands claiming they violated the state’s Consumer Fraud Act. (Telebrands vigorously denies these claims.)

If your patio is indeed greasy, the good news is there are many ways to get rid of the oil stain, including pouring kitty litter and even a can of Pepsi. Read more here!

Let us know what you think of Stain 911/Telebrands. Did the product work as promised or do you feel ripped off?