Spider Sprinkler is a device for your lawn or garden that the manufacturers claim is flexible and will help you conserve water. They state this is because of the 12 small bendable nozzles that you can point in any direction, allowing you to create endless, customized patterns, preventing overwatering or puddles on the concrete.

How Spyder Sprinkler Works

Spyder Sprinker is a green plastic sprinkler head that they say attaches to any garden hose. What they claim makes it different from a traditional sprinkler is its 12 “spider” legs, which are tiny nozzles that bend in different directions.

To use Spyder Sprinkler, they instruct you to attach to your hose and use the included pegs to stick it in the earth. Then, bend each spider leg in the direction desired and turn on the water; they promise you now have a customized shower of that goes just where you want it. They add Spyder Sprinkler is perfect for irregular shaped or hard to reach areas and can water a 20 x 20 foot (400 sq. feet) area or a 40-foot strip of land.

Spyder Sprinkler Cost:

$27.95 for 2 Spyder Sprinklers. This is sold as $14.95 plus $7.95 S&H for the first one, but the default is BOGO so they charge you another $4.95 for the second. If you want just one Spyder Sprinkler, un-check the box in Step 1, which reduces the cost to $22.90.

Spyder Sprinkler comes with a 30-day money back guarantee but this is only for the initial $14.95 and not any fees or what it costs you in stamps to send it back to them.

Bottom Line: Will Spyder Sprinkler Save Water?

Spyder Sprinkler may be an unusual-looking device that sprays water in a variety of different patterns, but its claims about saving you water aren’t really justified. True, you can point it in different directions, possibly preventing you from watering the sidewalk, but from what we can tell there is no auto shut-off or flow-reducing protections in its design (customer service had no further info either). That means, if you’re not careful and/or you forget to turn it off you’ll still waste water!

That said, Spyder Sprinkler may indeed give you a little more control of what you want watered than other sprinklers, but is it worth the price and long shipping times (they estimate shipping in 2-4 weeks)? We say: no.

Instead, here’s a dirty little secret that these As Seen On TV companies don’t want you to know: more than 90% of their sales are in person through retail stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc. This means, if the product is popular and successful you will likely find it in the special ASOTV aisle these stores now have. This will save you from any hidden shipping fees, long wait times, and lousy customer service. And if it turns out to be a crappy product, you can bring it back to the store for a refund.

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