Sprinkler 360 claims to be a revolutionary garden hose attachment that will give you a fully rotating spray head that has 5 water velocity settings. They promise Sprinkler 360 will let you water precisely where you want to and not on the sidewalks up to 40 feet away in any direction.

How Sprinkler 360 Works

Sprinkler 360 is a green sprinkler that they say comes with 5 different velocity settings and multiple spray patterns, which appear to be a wide overhead or narrow overhead stream, one that curves left, and one that curves right. They boast it has a power pivot head that lets it rotate 360 degrees and you can water a small area or a whole lawn up to 40 feet in diameter.

They state that by being able to control where you point your sprinkler you will save water and money because you won’t be spraying areas that don’t need it. If you opt for the EZ timer, they add it will also shut off automatically.

Sprinkler 360 Cost:

$33.85, which is listed as $19.95 for the sprinkler plus $8.95 shipping and another $4.95 in fees for the “free bonus” timer. (You can opt for just the sprinkler by clicking “No”.)

Sprinkler 360 offers a 30-day money back guarantee, minus the $13.90 in fees and what it costs you to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Sprinkler 360 a Good Sprinkler?

We understand the need for a good, versatile sprinkler system that doesn’t waste water, especially in California, where there is a severe drought. Sprinkler 360 looks like it may offer some versatility, but we couldn’t find any customer reviews because it is still new.

We would like to point out a few things. First, and most importantly, this is an “As Seen On TV” product; it may look good in the commercial, but, generally speaking, they tend to overstate their benefits and disappoint when they come in the mail.

We would, however, like to let you in on a little secret about Sprinkler 360: in spite of the claims that it is not available in stores, it usually ends up in the “As Seen On TV” aisle of your local Target, Walgreens, or similar retailer. According to reports, 90 percent of sales of these products are sold not by “operators standing by” but in person. 

Therefore if you feel compelled to try Sprinkler 360, we suggest seeing if it’s at one of those stores (usually a month or so after the commercials start airing). That will save you a long shipping time, any hidden fees, and if it’s a piece of junk you can return it easier. 

If you are indeed in need of a new sprinkler system for your lawn, we suggest first reading How to Buy a Lawn Sprinkler from WikiHow as well as this Sprinkler Buying Guide from Home Depot. These provide a great overview of the variety of different types of sprinkler systems available for the homeowner. 

And let us know your experience with Sprinkler 360 below!

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