Splash Away Bath Mat from Tristar Products claims to be a super absorbent microfiber mat that is soft and will keep your floors dry both indoors and out. They state Splash Away Bath Mat can hold 20x its weight in water yet dries quickly and feels great on your feet. Splash Away Bath Mat suggests you can use it in the bathroom, patio, pool, boat, or RV and keep these areas free of puddles and will save you hours of mopping and wringing.

How Does Splash Away Bath Mat Absorb So Much Water?

Splash Away Bath Mat states it is made from “Thick & Thirsty” microfiber technology. Microfiber is a material made from petroleum products that would normally be discarded but have instead been refined to create tiny threads smaller than 1 denier, a unit of measurement that represents its mass in grams if there were 9,000 meters of it. (In other words, it’s as tiny as its name implies.)

The benefit of microfibers is that, although tiny, they have a lot of surface area, making it especially good for cleaning applications or absorbing water. Splash Away Bath Mat is 14” x 19” and made up of large shag-like fingers, which are composed of these microfibers; they add it comes in beige or ivory, has a non-skid backing on the bottom, and is machine washable.

To use your Splash Away Bath Mat, they tell you to put it wherever there is chance of a wet floor – be it the bathroom, patio, or deck on your fancy yacht. Then, relax: they tell you that you won’t have to worry about water messes because Splash Away Bath Mat will absorb 20 times its weight and then quickly dry so it’s always comfy for you to stand on.

What Do They Charge For Splash Away Bath Mats?

Tristar Products lists Splash Away Bath Mat as $19.99 plus shipping and handling and if you buy one, you get another one. But a closer look at the fine print reveals that they charge $7.99 in fees for the first Splash Away Bath Mat and another $7.99 for the second, making the true total $35.97 for 2. If you would like only 1 Splash Away Bath Mat, you have change the button in the shopping cart and they will instead charge you $27.98.

Tristar Products/Splash Away Bath Mat Money Back Guarantee/Warranty

Splash Away Bath Mat comes with both a 60-day money back guarantee and a 60-day limited warranty. However, there are a few things to note. Fist, the guarantee does not include shipping and handling, nor what it will cost for you to ship it back to them. Also, the Splash Away Bath Mat limited warranty covers only manufacturer defects and in order to qualify for it you must pay to ship it back as well as pay a $14.99 processing fee for its return.

Bottom Line: Is Splash Away Bath Mat a Good Way to Keep Floors Dry?

Splash Away Bath Mat is a new product, having been registered by Tristar on May 13, 2015 so as of this writing there are no customer reviews. Generally speaking, microfiber is a good material for floor mats because they do hold so much water, so we suspect Splash Away Bath Mat will generally work as promised.

However, if you are interested in Splash Away Bath Mat we suggest waiting until it’s available at your local CVS, Target, or other store where they have an “As Seen On TV” aisle as most of these products end up there and are sold without excessive shipping fees or long wait times (standard delivery time is listed as 3-4 weeks).

Alternative Microfiber Bath Mats

In spite of the fact that they claim Splash Away Bath Mat is using revolutionary technology, the reality is there are many microfiber bath mats in the marketplace. Simply Good Stuff sells a micro fiber bath mat 17.5” x 31.5” for $20.95.

JustNile Microfiber Soft Bathroom Floor Mat is sold on Amazon for $17.99 and is 16” x 24”; it averages 4 stars from 7 reviews with the most common complaint is that it is very small (yet it is still bigger than Splash Away).

We hope this helps give you some valuable information about Splash Away Bath Mat – let us know your experience below!

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