Socket Dock is a slick-but-useless device that lets you re-charge your phone, tablet, or e-reader while still keeping your outlets free. How? It’s basically a plug adapter that has a space on top to rest/charge your device.

Socket Dock comes to you from Telebrands, the folks so clever they thought of the “As Seen On TV” logo first. They are also very good at parting the foolish from their money with devices such as these.

How Socket Dock Works

Socket Dock is a white unit with 2 standard 3-prong outlets on its face, along with a few tiny “bells and whistles”: it has 2 USB plugs on the side and on top is an area that serves as a phone charger. (On the back are the prongs that let you stick it into the wall socket.)

To use Socket Dock, plug into any standard outlet. Next, choose the adapter that fits your electronic device (it comes with 3 different ones and they say it works with almost all of them.) To charge, push the unit down on the adapter – your device will sit atop Socket Dock, leaving the plugs in front available for your coffee maker, alarm clock, or anything you want that needs electricity.

They say you can also plug in 2 items that use a USB cord along the side and you may “stack” Socket Docks together, allowing for more than one device to charge on top (but it still will have the same number of plugs on the front).

Socket Dock’s “Pass-Through” Power

They tout Socket Dock has “pass-through” power which enables it to work. Guess what? So does every wall socket adapter ever made.

Socket Dock includes:

  • Socket Dock charger
  • Additional Socket Dock (extra fees)

Socket Dock Costs

$27.98 for one ($19.99 plus $7.99 shipping). If you want another Socket Dock, tack on $9.99 more in (non-refundable) fees.

The Telebrands “100% Guarantee”

Telebrands likes to tout its 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all its products, but there are a few very important things to remember. First, they only refund the purchase price, not any shipping and handling. In the case of Socket Dock, that means if you return it within 30 days you will get your $19.99 back but they will keep the $7.99 (or $17.98 if you ordered/return 2.) Second, you must pay to ship it back. Finally, you must include a written, detailed explanation as to why you are returning Socket Dock or they could deny your request.

Bottom Line: Is Socket Dock a Scam?

As we stated in the beginning, there is really nothing that special about this product, especially at its almost $30 cost. You still just have 2 plugs on the front. Sure, your phone may look cool or cute sitting on top of the Socket Dock (and maybe you have one less “tangled, messy” charger cable). But the fact is, you can get a much more versatile plug adapter that offers 3, 4, 6, or more plugs for much less at any hardware store. (In addition, most USB-charged devices also come with an attachment so they can use a standard outlet.)

In other words, the Socket Dock offers very little value for your money. If you’re running low on plug space, find and buy a cheaper adapter.