Snapbac is the brand name of a line of compression garments that are said to be a revolutionary way to treat pain and mobility issues. One of the things that they claim make it unique is the mesh pockets that allow you to include hot and cold therapy with your compression for even greater relief.

What’s so special about Snapbac compression products?

Snapbac is championed by television personality Montel Williams who claims he is using Snapbac to treat a lifetime of pain problems. Snapbac touts that its products, which include elbow sleeves and knee sleeves as well as shorts and shirts for men and women are made out of Snap Nano Fabric, a material that provides the compression, which they promise will relieve pain and increase blood flow.

Snapbac is also touted by Dr. Andy Walshe, who has a PhD in Applied Biomechanics (and also works for Red Bull energy drinks) who claims that the Therapy Pods allow you to have an “active recovery” by placing them directly where you need them.

Snapbac adds that the outer layer of its compression garments are made of a mesh fabric, which doubles as a pouch for the temperature Therapy Pods; the microgrips on the Pods are said to lock it in place. They claim Therapy Pods can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer, allowing you to easily target the area of pain without messy ice packs or bulky heating pads.

Snapbac contends that the Snap Nano Fabric is cutting-edge technology that offers UV protection, has anti-microbial fibers that eliminate odors and is a moisture-wicking material that will keep your skin cool and dry.

Snapbac also has video testimonials from people that they state are actual customers who were not paid for their endorsement. These include a competitive cyclist, a massage therapist, and a tour guide. All of these people interviewed praise Snapbac for allowing them to target their areas of pain and that it gives them instant relief.

Snapbac states their compression wear can be used for any activity, including wearing in pools while swimming; however, they instruct you to wash out the chlorine after each use. Snapbac adds that women can try Snapbac hot or cold Therapy Pods to help relieve menstrual cramps but they should check with their doctor first.

Precautions when using hot or cold therapy

While Snapbac states that anyone experiencing joint pain should use their products, they caution to never use hot therapy to bruises or muscle strains within the first 24 hours. You should also avoid using heat on a joint that is already hot and irritated. People with diabetes, circulatory problems, pregnant women as well as those with nerve damage or sensitive skin should not use heat therapy.

A combination of hot and cold therapy is generally thought to be an effective way to relieve all types aches and pains, but caution should be used when using to treat arthritis pain, as the extreme temperatures could hurt your skin. For more information, read Heat and Cold Therapy for Arthritis Pain (WebMD).

How much do they charge for Snapbac compression products?

Snapbac products start at $19.95 for a calf sleeve, $29.95 for a knee/elbow sleeve, and $59.95 for men or women’s shirts or shorts. Each Snapbac garment is said to come with a Therapy Pod. You can buy additional Pods for $7.95 for small and $9.95 for large and if you order 2 or more Snapbac products shipping is free (otherwise it’s $7.95).

Snabac Refund Information

Snapbac comes with a 30-day full refund guarantee, which means they include a refund of the shipping fees as well as cover the cost of return shipping.

Snapbac customer service: 844-229-0768

Bottom Line: Is Snapbac a good way to manage my pain?

Snapbac compression wear takes great pains (pun intended) to assure you their product is effective for targeting stiff joints, increasing blood flow, and reducing pain. We certainly appreciate the total money back guarantee, which includes paying back all the shipping fees.

We couldn’t find any reviews of Snapbac compression products as the product was still new when we wrote this. Generally speaking, compression wear does work to help improve recovery time and lessen stiffness and pain. Compression garments, however, do not improve athletic performance, although there may be a psychological benefit to wearing them.

How to treat injuries with RICE

If you do have a sports or movement-related injury, the important acronym to remember is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) for the first 48 hours. After that, you may try heat. If you have no relief after 72 hours, you should consult with a doctor.

Alternatives to Snapbac

Although they tout Snapbac is a revolutionary product that combines compression and heat, there are other similar products out there. For example, Ace Bandage has a wrap that can be frozen or put in the microwave, and FEI has a variety of hot and cold compresses as well. While you could also always use a bag of frozen peas, products like Snapbac can be beneficial for those who need long-term relief and/or don’t want to walk around with a bag of frozen food taped to their appendage.

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