Snake Bit is a bendable extension for your existing drill (or you can use with included ratchet) that the makers claim lets you tighten screws or bolts from up to 12 inches away and at a 90 degree angle. They say this makes it easier to get at difficult areas not usually accessible with a regular drill or screw.

Snake Bit seems like a handy idea and comes with a bunch of drill bit accessories, but is this something that will really give you value for your money or are they being snaky? Let’s take a closer look…

The Snake Bit Pitch

This tool is aimed at the handy-person who has projects around the house (like installing a ceiling fan, working on the car, putting up a stair rail) and they can’t always reach where they need to. The video shows frustrated people using a regular drill or screw switching to the Snake Bit and suddenly their task is much easier, making them whistle while they work.

How Snake Bit Works

Snake Bit does kind of look like a snake, albeit one made of steel and covered in rubber. They boast the secret to Snake Bit is what they call the “steel tortion linkage that twists and turns inside its rigid snake shell.” This seems to mean that the Snake Bit will bend, lock into place, and provide enough torque to screw in nuts or bolts from up to a 90 degree angle and from a foot away.

To use Snake Bit, place in your drill or in the provided ratcheting driver. Then, pick the bit that you need for the job  – it comes with 26 – and start screwing. They claim this makes all those impossibly-angled or hard-to-reach screws or bolts much easier to get at.

Snake Bit Costs You:

$29.99 (Ouch!) They try and ease the pain by listing the purchase price as $14.99 plus $7.50 in shipping/handling and then they promise you a “free” ratchet driver and 26-piece set of bits but tack-on another $7.50 in fees.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, but it’s just for the $14.99 – they’ll hold onto the $15 fees and you also have to pay the return shipping. There is no warranty listed for the tools themselves.

Snake Bit Kit Includes:

  • Snake Bit Universal Extender
  • 10 Hex and Star Tips
  • 6 Phillips and Flat Tips
  • 6 Sockets
  • Ratcheting Driver

Bottom Line: Is Snake Bit a Scam?

The reviews of Snake Bit are not yet in from consumers, as the product is still very new. But there are some things we feel you should know before you purchase. Specifically:

  • Spark Innovators, who sell Snake Bit, have an F rating from the BBB. To be fair, this is for failure to resolve just 3 complaints, but the BBB also feels they don’t have enough information about the business or how long they have been operating.
  • There have been complaints about other Spark Innovators products using deceptive up-selling and billing (there is no way to review your order before you purchase on the website).
  • The shipping and handling fees are one penny more than the list price. To us, this is always a red flag because it means even if you return it within 30 days, they’re going to keep half your money and still probably make a profit.
  • There is no warranty listed on Snake Bit and no information about what the drill bits are made of. This makes us wonder how sturdy it is or how long it will last.
  • Spark Innovator’s privacy policy allows them to keep your name, phone, email, and snail mail to solicit you with other items, and they can also offer this info to “reputable” third parties. You can opt out of this, but you have to send several emails.

Do you still think Snake Bite is a handy tool you need around the house? Let us know if you purchased it and how it worked for you below