SmoothXbike is an exercise bike they say makes no noise and you can roll it away and fold it up when not it in use. Bikes like these are a great workout, but there are several things that make us question whether smoothXbike is worth the almost $300 cost.

First of all, smoothXbike is sold by Smooth Fitness and Health, who currently have an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB says this is because the co. had over 200 complaints in 3 years, failed to respond to 40, and 16 were left unresolved. If that doesn’t turn you off, keep reading for more info.

The smoothXbike Pitch

SmoothXbike (as well as the Sit N Cycle, which you can read about here) is pitched by Dorothy Hamill, who was a world-famous figure skater and Olympic Gold Medal winner in the 1970s. (If you don’t know who she is, you’re just a kid.) Her friendly demeanor and toned-for-her-age body is supposed to sell you on its benefits, although she probably doesn’t use the machine herself. They do offer you a “no risk” trial for $19.95 and free shipping, which is decent of them (more about that later.)

How smoothXbike works

They say smoothXbike is a “semi-recumbent” stationary exercise bike. A recumbent (or reclining) bike usually has a more comfortable seat, is generally thought to give you better exercise, and is easier on the joints than a traditional “upright”. But the question is, is smoothXbike the best or the worst of both worlds? (It does tout a big seat, 8 levels of resistance, and they say it can hold weight up to 300 pounds.)

To use your smoothXbike, adjust the the seat and turn rotating knob to the exercise level you desire (they say this ranges from effortless to challenging). They tout its built-in LED monitor (which is powered by a pair of included AA batteries) will show your heart rate, time, speed, and distance, which is pretty standard for any modern exercise machine.

The main benefit seems to be its size and weight, listed as 38” X 20” X 45” and 41.5 lbs respectively. They add it has wheels to help you roll it out of the way when not in use and that it folds up compactly in one “simple” motion.

smoothXbike includes:

  • smoothXbike
  • a pair of AA batteries
  • 1 year parts warranty, 90-day wear-and-tear

smoothXbike $19.95 Trial and Total Cost

In order to tempt you to try smoothXbike, they offer what they call a “risk-free” trial of $19.95 and it seems fair enough: for that money, they will send you the smoothXbike and you can try it for 30 days (shipping is included). If you do not like the machine, they say to call them for an RMA and they will pay the return shipping and refund your $19.95.

If you do like smoothXbike, they say it’s 7 “low” monthly payments of $39.99 making the grand total $299.98.

smoothXbike Privacy Policy

Here’s another area where smoothXbike is not so “smooth”. Like so many other companies, they reserve the right to basically do anything they want with your personal information (i.e. name, address, and phone): they can call you, e-or-snail mail you junk, create a “behavioral profile” and even share it all with outside third parties. Be sure to visit the Privacy Policy and read the fine print before you buy.

Bottom Line: Is smoothXbike a Scam?

We want to like this product (because we did have a childhood crush on Dorothy Hamill). But there are so many negatives (F rating, level of customer complaints, low Amazon rating, poor privacy policy) that its hard to give them a thumbs-up. We think any type of cardio/muscular exercise like this bike promises is a good way to stay healthy, but we suggest searching around for one that has a better rating and lower price, both of which shouldn’t be very difficult to do.