SmartX is a brain supplement sold by Cerebral Success, a company that won funding on “Shark Tank.” SmartX promises that if you take their pill every day you will see a dramatic improvement in memory, mental energy, brain health, and processing power.

The SmartX Pitch

SmartX touts the success of founder Trevor Hiltbrand, who appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and received $75,000 in funding for his product Cerebral Success to try to convince you of its legitimacy.

There are two main websites for SmartX ( and list a bunch of fancy-sounding ingredients, Including Phosphatidylserine, Bacopin, And Glucuronolactone. They claim many of these ingredients are from ancient Indian or Chinese medicine and have been shown to boost brain activity; however they don’t list how many milligrams of each.

SmartX also uses a lot of websites that look like independent news portals, but are in fact “advertorials” otherwise known as fake affiliates. This is legal as long as they disclose it somewhere (usually in fine print) and serves to take up search engine results and away from sites that might have more unbiased reviews (like us!) To find out more about how to recognize fake affiliates, read this article on The Seven Deadly Sins of As Seen On TV Products EXPOSED.

The SmartX Study

SmartX/Cerebral Success points to a single study conducted by Healing Arts Club that showed dramatic performance improvement in cognitive tests, including a 55% increase in Alpha Brainwave Magnitude when participants took the pill.

However, it should be pointed out that this test only included 10 participants and did not study any long-term effects. In addition, the report notes “all data should serve as only the foundation for future studies and not be generalized to the public.” (Which they did, anyways.)

SmartX by Cerebral Success Costs You:

It depends where you shop. If you buy from it’s $69 for a 30-day supply but if you go through they offer a $49 plus $4.95 S&H for a one month “test plan.” Prices go down from there accordingly with a 5-bottle supply retailing for $139 being the “best value” on That’s how much per pill? We need a smart drug (or calculator) to figure it out.

We were confused by the different pricing and if this was an auto-ship program so we tried to reach customer service at at 800-400-2562 but were told our wait time would be more than ten minutes. We then called the phone number listed on the website at 866-624-3113 and got through right away. They had no information about the other website, but they assured us that if you order through you would not be enrolled in any monthly shipping/billing programs. SmartX is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, minus S&H.

Bottom Line: Is SmartX By Cerebral Express a Scam?

Everyone from college students to older folks who misplaced their glasses would like a little brain boost now and again and the promise of SmartX and other brain supplements, often referred to as nootropics, are tantalizing.

Indeed, there has been lots of interest and many case studies on different nootropics or “smart drugs” trying to determine if they can really boost memory and mental functioning. However, as ABC News noted in their recent report, these case studies are usually very small and there is very little conclusive evidence as to their effectiveness. An article on WebMD concurred (that means “agreed” if you haven’t taken your smart pill) saying gingko biloba is the only supplement with true promise.

Still, if you wanted to mess around with nootropics, the good news is they probably won’t kill you or make you less smart. Reviews from SmartX are mixed from consumers, who generally feel they are expensive and don’t work as advertised. We would advise you if you are interested in SmartX to at least use the website, where you’ll pay more but will be able to get through to a customer service rep, should you need to.

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