Smart Vision are a pair of yellow-tinted reading glasses that the sellers say will magnify any electronic device’s screen 160%. They claim Smart Vision will not only enhance the color and clarity of computers, smartphones, tablets, and any other screen, but will also block the harmful rays that they emit.

What’s so cool about Smart Vision glasses?

Smart Vision promises you will be able to enjoy your digital devices with less eye strain, because its lenses act like a pair of magnifying glasses. They state this means everything will be 160% bigger whether you’re checking your smartphone, reading on your tablet, playing a game, or watching TV. They add the enlarged, enhanced view will be clearer and more colorful, resulting in less eyestrain, blurry vision, or headaches so you can use your devices longer.

Smart Vision boasts their device is hands free and can be worn over your prescription glasses so you can wear them at work, at home, or anywhere. And as an added bonus, people may mistake you for Bono from U2!


How much are they charging for Smart Vision?

Smart Vision sells for $19.99 plus shipping and handling and if you buy one you get one free – they’ll also throw in a rolling screen cleaning device. However, the fine print reveals they charge you $6.99 in fees for the first Smart Vision and then another $6.99 for the 2nd, making the total $33.97.

Smart Vision Refund Information

Smart Vision customer service: not available.

Smart Vision appears to have no money back guarantee information or even a customer service page on their website. Therefore, there is no way to contact them in case you don’t like Smart Vision or it doesn’t come in the mail after you ordered it.

Smart Vision Privacy Policy

Smart Vision has a very intrusive privacy policy, which allows them to collect your name, address, phone number and email and use it to solicit you with other products and services. They state “from time to time” they may make your information available to other “reputable” organizations who may solicit you as well.

Smart Vision Opt-Out information

If you receive unwanted phone calls or junk mail after you buy Smart Vision, they state you can email them at and ask to be taken off the list. If you start to get emails from them or “reputable” 3rd parties after your Smart Vision purchase, they tell you to visit to get your name removed.

Bottom Line: Is Smart Vision glasses a good way to see better at the computer?

Staring at screens all day and night like many of us do in today’s world can cause strain and fatigue, so the promise of Smart Vision certainly seems tempting. However, we’d like to remind you that there is no customer service or refund information available and we do not know who makes or sells Smart Vision. Therefore, we do not recommend buying Smart Vision glasses. 

How to reduce eye strain from your computer or smartphone

Generally speaking, our computer screens are situated 20 to 26 inches from our face, an intermediate zone that older people or those with vision difficulties find especially challenging to read from with traditional glasses. But even those with 20/20 vision can suffer from blurriness or headaches caused from glare or fatigue. (But in spite of the hype, there is no evidence that your screen emits harmful rays.) Still, whether or not computer glasses work is somewhat subjective, according to an investigation by LifeHacker

All About Vision, a site that claims to be dedicated to helping consumers learn about eye care, has a list of 10 tips to relieve eye strain. These include adjusting your indoor light, the size of your fonts, and even exercise tips that help reduce fatigue.

Number 10 is purchase computer glasses, made with a special coating to reduce glare. They recommend getting an eye exam and purchasing from a knowledgeable eye care professional, especially if you need a prescription. 

Let us know your experience with Smart Vision glasses below!

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