Smart Strainer from Spark Innovators is a silicon strainer that the manufacturers claim can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees and can be used to cook pastas, steam foods, and even as a splatter guard. They add it’s BPA-free and it just takes a quick “pop” to make it ready to use.

How Smart Strainer Works

Smart Strainer’s dimensions were not listed on the website and customer service did not have the information either. It appears to be big enough for its lip to cover a saucepan. To use as a strainer, “pop” out the bottom and put over a pot filled with water. Then, add the pasta and cook as normal.

When it’s ready, instead of picking up and pouring, they claim you simply lift Smart Strainer up by the rubber handles. (To use as a steamer or a splatter guard, leave the bottom tucked in.) When done, they promise you can wash Smart Strainer in the dishwasher and keep in compact mode for easy storage.

Smart Strainer Costs…

$29.99 for 2. This is presented as $14.99 for the first Smart Strainer and $7.50 for shipping. They say your second Smart Strainer is free, but you are actually charged another $7.50 in handling fees.

This $15 in fees is not refundable, so even if you return your Smart Strainers, they will keep it (and you’ve got to pay to ship back).

Bottom Line

Nobody likes scalding themselves with hot water or dealing with soggy veggies or pasta sauce stains on the wall. Smart Strainer may indeed help combat these kitchen woes. But we just want to point out a few things.

First, what are the dimensions? Is it going to be big enough to cover your pot? (We’re still waiting to hear back from customer service.) And is it $15 to ship 2 of them? This doubles the actual cost, half of which won’t be returned even if the Smart Strainer is.

Also, we feel we should mention purchasing Smart Strainer allows Spark Innovators to solicit you with other offers via email, snail mail or even call you up on the telephone. (If you want to opt out you can, but you have to unsubscribe and send emails to web support. Visit their Privacy Policy page for more info.)

Therefore before you buy, we suggest at least:

  • Confirming the size with customer service
  • Opting out of their solicitations

Let us know what you think of Smart Strainer below!