Smart Steam is a towel you soak in water and put in the dryer that the makers say will remove the wrinkles from your clothes. They tout the “revolutionary secret is the power of steam” and you can use again and again and have cleanly pressed clothes without the need to pull out the ironing board.

The Smart Steam “Secret”

Smart Steam is a towel that you get wet. When placed in the dryer with a load of wrinkled clothes they claim it will emit a “geyser” of steam that will turn your dryer into a “wrinkle-releasing miracle.”

Smart Steam Costs

$25.90 for 4 Smart Steam towels. They try to both make it seem like you get more Smart Steam towels for less money by saying it’s $10 and Buy 2 Get 2 Free. But if you look at the fine print you can see that they charge you $7.95 for shipping and handling for the first pair and then another $7.95 for the so-called “free” pair. And while the picture on the website shows a picture of 8 towels grouped together, a customer service rep confirmed you just receive 4.

Smart Steam comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping, meaning you get back $10 and they keep $15.90. Sound fair?

Bottom Line: Is Smart Steam a “Smart” Buy?

We have no doubt the inventors of Smart Steam have managed to harness and unleash the power of steam. The use of steam has been proven effective for powering locomotives, heating and cleaning New York City, and, yes, removing wrinkles from clothing.

We just want to remind you of a few things. First, when you add up all the shipping and handling, these towels are more than $6 each. Even if you return Smart Steam for a refund, they’ll keep the $15.90 in fees, and you have to pay the return postage.

Also, when you buy Smart Steam, you are allowing this unknown company to solicit you with other offers. They can call you, email you, or perhaps send you junk mail; they may also give your information to “reputable” organizations to do the same. In order to avoid this, you must unsubscribe to their emails as well as email the webmaster.

Finally, do you need this product? Over at Simply Stated, they suggest using a moistened hand towel will do the same trick. Lifehacker shows how to do it with a couple of ice cubes and What To Wear shares some other wrinkle removing methods using the “miracle” of steam.