SlumberPM is a supplement the sellers tout is an all-natural non habit-forming formula for the temporary relief of insomnia. They claim Slumber PM’s proprietary blend of melatonin, along with herbal extracts and amino acids will help you fall asleep quickly. Take Slumber PM and they promise you’ll wake up refreshed in the AM.

How SlumberPM Works

SlumberPM lists the ingredients as: L-Theanine (found in green tea), GABA (an amino acid found in the brain), Phellodendron Amurense Root (not to be confused with the houseplant), 5-HTP (a compound extracted from the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia), Cowhage (a bean-like plant), and melatonin (a hormone made by the human pineal gland).

They claim they chose the ingredients for SlumberPM because they are backed up by research, but all the links on the website to this supposed research were not working.

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To use Slumber PM, they advise you to take just before beddie-bye. Then, lie down and begin counting sheep (optional) – they insist you will quickly fall fast asleep. Although they claim the product is safe and non-habit forming, they caution SlumberPM is only for the occasional sleepless night and should not be used regularly. 

SlumberPM Cost:

The default is 5 bottles for $149.75. You could order 3 bottles for $98.85 or 1 bottle for $39.95. Regardless, you will also be enrolled in an auto-shipment program and charged and shipped more product when you run out. 

If you try to leave the site without buying anything, a popup window appears with a trial offer. It says it’s only $4.95 but the Terms and Conditions also state that you will be charged $89.74 (3) days later – you will also be enrolled in an auto-ship program, billed $89.74 and shipped more bottles every 31 days. 

While they claim you may cancel at any time, you will be responsible for any products that have already been shipped. 

You are only allowed to return one bottle of SlumberPM and it must be returned within 30 days from order (not receipt) in order to qualify.

Bottom Line: Is SlumberPM a Scam?

We’ll be honest with you: we hate sneaky auto-ship programs. More often than not, the consumer ends up getting screwed out of money and they have a terrible time cancelling and deal with lousy customer service

We also hate websites that don’t use proper English – at one point they say: “We emerge you to get your supply now.” If they can’t be more careful with their copywriting, how can they be reliable with their product?

Therefore, we strongly urge to you stay away from SlumberPM!

If you are having trouble sleeping, melatonin does have some evidence it helps with sleep, especially jet lag, but its long-term effects are not known. If you do want to buy melatonin or any other supplement for that matter, we recommend only buying from companies that have the US Pharmacopeia Seal, showing that they have been verified to contain what’s on the label. Currently only 1% of supplements carry this seal – you can find a list of them here

You may also be interested in 7 Steps to Better Sleep (Mayo Clinic). Pleasant dreams!