Slip Stone Pan is sold by Telebrands who assures you the pan’s stone-like surface seals in natural flavors and doesn’t let any food stick to it when you cook on it. They tout Slip Stone Pan is PFOA-free and because it is so slick you will use less butter or oil when cooking on it, thereby making healthier meals. And, hey, it has a fold-in handle they claim lets you store it easier!

But is this latest Telebrands pan really “a chef’s best kept secret” or is it just the same old nonstick pan with a different package? Let’s take a closer look at Slip Stone Pan’s claims and find out.

The Slip Stone Pan Pitch

Slip Stone is marketed at would-be chefs who don’t like to clean pans. The infomercial tempts you with shots of delicious foods being cooked in the Slip Stone. To show you how non-stick it is, they are constantly wiggling the pan so that the items swish around as they cook them over a low flame. When finished, the food appears to easily slide off onto a plate.

How Slip Stone Works

Slip Stone Pan is not made of stone, but rather from a “high end” aluminum base and 4-layers of an unnamed non-stick surface speckled to look like granite; the size of the pan is not indicated. They claim the aluminum heats the pan quickly, while the non-stick surface distributes the energy and allows you to cook the foods evenly without burning or sticking.

To use Slip Stone Pan, they instruct you to wash with mild soap and water before first use and cook foods on low-to-medium heat. They caution against using metal utensils as they may damage the Slip Stone (although in the infomercial they claim you can cut meat while still in the pan). When done, they claim you can simply slide your food into a dish. Then, wash with soap and water again (they say Slip Stone is not dishwasher safe) fold the plastic handle in, and store for your next use.

Slip Stone Costs:

$29.98 – this is marketed as $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping/handling and your order includes a Recipe Guide. At checkout, you can double your order and they’ll also throw in a Forever Sharp Knife for an additional fee of $12.99.

Telebrands’ Slip Stone Pan comes with a Lifetime Guarantee but details were not available (they use an automated system for taking orders and customer service cannot be reached unless you have already placed an order).

Slip Stone Pan does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you must include a written explanation with your return or they could say “no” – they will also keep all shipping/handling fees and you have to pay postage to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Slip Stone Pan a Scam?

Slip Stone Pan may indeed cook your food without sticking, but we feel we should point out:

  • You must use the pan at a low heat or you risk ruining it.
  • This is an “As Seen On TV” product, and these generally tend to overstate their claims and/or disappoint in real-world use.
  • Telebrands currently has an F rating from the BBB due to 1762 complaints in the past 3 years about products, advertising, and billing.
  • True “stone-like” cooking pans like cast iron need to be “seasoned” with oil before and after use. This makes us think Slip Stone isn’t as heavy-duty as they claim. An interesting discussion about stone-coated surfaces and their chemistry can be found here.
  • While it may be free of PFOAs, we wonder about PFTE, Cadmium or Lead, which are often found in less expensive (read: cheaply made) pans and thought to be toxic.

What do you think? Did you by Slip Stone Pan and was it as great as they say, or were you disappointed? Let us know below!