Slice Right from Spark Innovators brags that it’s the new way to easily cut and serve watermelon slices. Slice Right states their tool is specially designed to carve and grab the perfectly sized evenly cut melon pieces, saving you time and a messy cleanup.

How Does Slice Right Slice Up My Melons?

Slice Right is a hook-shaped pair of tongs that they state are dishwasher safe and work with any type or size of watermelon. To use Slice Right, they instruct you to use the sharp hook point side to slice pieces of your open melon (it appears you need to use a regular knife to split it open); they state the space between the tongs is the perfect width and will make every slice the same thickness. Once you have used it to cut the slices, they tell you to flip the tongs over and use the rounded end to grip and lift out the individual pieces.

They state each of these melon slices will be the same size and shape and once they are all completely removed you can discard the empty watermelon rind at once, saving you a messy cleanup. They add Perfect Slicer is also a great way to slice other melons including cantaloupe, honeydew, and you can even use to slice and grab birthday cake.

What Will Slice Right Cost Me?

Slice Right says it’s only $10 plus shipping and handling and if you buy one they’ll give you another Slice Right as a bonus. BUT if you look closely at the fine print you can see they charge $6.99 in shipping and then another $6.99 in fees for the second “bonus” Slice Right making the true total $23.98 for 2.

Slice Right Money Back Guarantee

Slice Right comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but this only covers the initial $10 and not any of the added fees. Plus, you have to pay to ship Slice Right back to them.

Bottom Line: Is Slice Right a Cool Tool to Slice Watermelon?

Slice Right appears to be a somewhat unique way to cut up watermelon, but is it really worth the price? We’d like to remind you that the shipping and handling fees total $13.98, more than the $10 they are charging for it. That means, even if you were to return it for your $10 back, they will still make money off of you.

In addition, we’d like to point out that Spark Innovators’ Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you via email, snail mail, or telephone number provided with other goods or services as well as “from time to time” give this info to other “reputable” organizations to do the same. In order to opt out, you must fill out this form as well as send an email to

Alternatives to Slice Right

There are plenty of other products you can use to slice a watermelon, including the Melonslicer, a round blade that works by pushing down through the entire melon.


Then there’s this cute pink and green Melon Knife that kinda looks like a watermelon.

Kuhn Rikon Melon Knife Colori

But some clever chefs suggest that it’s not the knife you use, but the way you slice the watermelon up and offer up some cool “hacks” to do it in a creative way:

Why not give one of these a try with the knife you have before spending any money on Perfect Slicer or any other melon slicing products?

Let us know your results below!