Sleep Squares claim to be a chocolatey morsel you eat before bedtime that will guarantee you a full night’s sleep. They say it’s all-natural, contains no sugar, and has no side effects, but will it actually help you get some shut-eye?

Sleep Squares are marketed by a company called Slumberland Snacks. Other than the fact they are based in Spencer, New York, there is no other information available.

What’s in Sleep Squares?

They list all the fancy laboratory names on the website, but the main ones to note are Vervain, Choline, L-Bitartrate, Passionflower Extract, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Hops Extract, and Melatonin. It is sweetened with Stevia, a sugar substitute, and contains other vitamins and minerals, as well as a dash of cocoa powder for its supposed chocolate flavor.

They claim Sleep Squares are vegetarian but not vegan. What’s the difference? Vegan foods contain absolutely no animal products, and the vitamin D used in Sleep Squares contain lanolin, which comes from sheep’s wool.

Sleep Squares also contain palm oil, which some people believe is responsible for environmental damage to forests and habitats around the world. To counter this, Sleep Squares says their palm oil is from “environmentally stable” farms.

How Sleep Squares Work

They say Sleep Squares contain the “building blocks” necessary for a good night’s sleep, which they list as Seratonin, Melatonin, and Acetylcholine. They claim the herbal ingredients (Passionflower, Hops, and Vervain) relax you, the “sleep nutrients” (5-HTP, L-Theanine, Choline, Melatonin) keep you asleep, and the various vitamins and minerals give you “optimal sleep and heath”.

To use Sleep Squares, take 1 square 1/2 hour before beddie-bye. They claim you will have a full night’s sleep (5 to 6 hours) and wake up alert and ready for your day. They say you will see results immediately, but suggest you use it regularly. (They also suggest you consult your doctor about Sleep Squares if you have any health issues.)

The Sleep Squares “Clinical Study”

In an attempt to prove to you that Sleep Squares do indeed work as promised, they point to a “randomized, single-blind crossover clinical study” done by BioScreen Chemical Services, who were paid by Slumberland to conduct it.

The problem is, the don’t list important factors in the study (such as number of participants) and claims are self-reported as opposed to observed by the clinicians. These results seem impressive: 76% said they had less difficulty falling asleep, 79% noted an “improvement in satisfaction” with sleep pattern, 82% said they felt more rested, 68% reported a longer time asleep, 82% said they woke up less frequently, and nobody said there were any side effects. But since they don’t provide you with a link to the actual study, these numbers are worthless.

Each Sleep Squares Order includes:

  • “Free” 7-day trial (S&H fees)
  • 30-day supply

The Sleep Squares “Free Trial”

Sleep Squares attempts to lure insomniacs with a promise of a “free” 7-day trial. Here’s the real scoop. They give you a package of 7 squares which they say are free, but they charge you $8.95 shipping and automatically include (and charge for) the 30-day supply as well. In other words, this trial will cost you at least $8.95.

Here’s where it gets trickier. You have 30 days from time of order (not when it’s delivered) to decide if Sleep Squares work for you. And given the slow mailing times of many of these companies, that window can be very small. In addition, if you open your 30-day supply, your money will not be refunded even if you try to return it.

If you miss the 30-days-from-order time period it will cost you a total of $38.90.

Sleep Squares Reshipment Program

In the “Terms and Conditions” section of the website, Sleep Squares mentions a reshipment program of 30, 60, or 90 days, which they say you have the option to add to your order. However, there is no information included on the “process order” page.

Double-check to make sure your order doesn’t include it!

Bottom Line: Is Sleep Squares a Scam?

A good night’s sleep is a “dream” for many people - the website states over 80% of US adults have some kind of problem getting enough Zs. But there is nothing special or magical about any of these ingredients and their connection to a good night’s rest has not been conclusively proven - even in their so-called “clinical study”. In addition, the tricky/deceptive ordering and return policies make it very easy for you to lose money, especially if you haven’t been getting a lot of rest. And the Sleep Squares themselves? One online review noted they were the size of a penny and the “chocolate” taste made her want to throw up.