Skin Logic uses a tried-and-true method to get you to buy their anti-aging product that we’ve seen many times before. In fact, it uses the exact same template with nearly the same wording as La Lumieres.

First, they make it seem like the product is in limited supply by saying there is only1000 trials per day; they also have a clock ticking upwards to add to the pressure. In reality, the clock resets when you refresh the page and there is likely plenty of Skin Logic on hand to fulfill your order.

Skin Logic also uses fancy charts and statistics along with phrases like “clinically proven” to insinuate that their product works. They also claim it’s “Hollywood’s best kept secret” for more allure. However, they provide no evidence to back up any of their claims. For example, they say a recent study showed an “84% decrease wrinkles and fine lines, 95% increase of collagen production, and 73% decrease in appearance of dark circles.” But since they don’t provide the actual study or information as how it was conducted these numbers are basically meaningless. (For more information about how to read a clinical study check out this article.)

Skin Logic claims it uses an “advanced formula” with “patented ingredients.” Again, since they don’t specifically list the ingredients, it’s impossible to assess their anti-aging claims (hint: there is no Fountain of Youth).

Skin Logic Costs:

On their main page, Skin Logic offers a Trial Offer where they send you a jar of Skin Logic Face Therapy for $4.95 shipping and they say there are no commitments. But the Terms and Conditions page elaborates that the trial period is 14 days from the date you place your order, not when it comes in the mail. Since many products ordered online often have long shipping times, this could greatly reduce your window of escape.

After the 14 days are up you will be automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription, billed $89.95 and sent more Skin Logic. This will continue until you call 1-888-959-6072 and cancel.

Although they state they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, refunds are only guaranteed for fraudulent or unauthorized purchases. All other refunds are “issued at the discretion of the company.”

Bottom Line: Is Skin Logic a Scam?

The beauty industry is a billion-dollar business and anti-aging products are very popular with many people who are trying to look their best. But we’d like to remind you of a few things about Skin Logic:

  • They don’t list what’s in it
  • They don’t have any real proof it works
  • The trial is for 14 days from order, not receipt
  • Afterwards you’ll be on the hook for $89.95 per month
  • Returns are not guaranteed

If you are interested in beauty products, we recommend visiting Environmental Working Group’s website. They are a non-profit dedicated to protecting consumer health and have a database of many cosmetics as to what’s in them and if they work.

If you are looking to have younger skin, some basic recommendations are: wash your face, wear less cosmetics and avoid direct exposure to the sun. And smile!

Let us know your experience with Skin Logic below.