Sit N Cycle spokeswoman Dorothy Hamill  (remember her?) touts a type of low-impact exercise bike that has no handles. The former Olympic figure skater says it’s easy for people of all ages to use, pedaling away calories with minimal effort. But, c’mon Dorothy – is this for REAL?

The Sit N Cycle Pitch

They’re aiming this product at busy baby boomers and active seniors – they’re the only ones who will know who Dorothy Hamill is anyways. Dorothy says sitNcycle will allow you to stay in shape, no matter how busy you are.

This seems to be because it has no handles and adjustable pedal resistance. They call this “active sitting”. (Catchy!) This seems to mean that while your lower half is busy peddling, you can be watching TV, talking on the phone, reading, or surfing the web.

How To Use Sit N Cycle

Sit N Cycle actually looks pretty cool and it doesn’t seem too bulky. They say it has wheels but it weighs 34 pounds, which seems a little on the heavy side.

To use it, just wheel where you want and have a sit. This takes a little balance and because there are no handles be careful not to fall off! Then, they say to choose one of the 8 resistance levels for the workout you desire by turning the knob. NOTE: this only goes from “mild” to “moderate” so if you think you are going to get an intense spinning workout, think again.

Then just pedal away. And if you’re like grandma, you can even do a little knitting. They say the seat is comfortable and big enough even for larger tuchases. They claim it’s designed for hours of extended use on a low resistance setting.

You Get:

  • sitNcycle (six “stylish” colors to choose from)
  • 30 day “risk free” trial

The Cost of Sit N Cycle

Here’s the deal: they say they’ll give you a “risk free” trial. What that means is, you pay a $19.95 (allegedly) refundable fee and try it for 30 days. If ya don’t dig it, they say to ship it back (you pay) and they will refund your money, no questions asked. BUT if you keep it over 30 days, be prepared to fork over 6 monthly payments of $39.99 for a grand total of... wait for it... $259.89. But, hey, they ship it for FREE!

Bottom Line: is Sit N Cycle a Scam?

Look, any exercise is good for you. For some older folks, a little bit of pedaling is really all they need or can do to stay in basic shape. The problem with sitNspin is:

  1. it’s hella expensive
  2. it falls apart

Or, at least that’s what people are saying on the interwebs. For some people, the pedals seem to loosen or fall off after a few uses – which basically makes it go from a sitNcycle to just a sit. And it seems to be a real piece of “sit”!

So, yes, buy an exercise bike, but for gosh sakes look around for a better bargain!