The Simply Fit Board is an exercise device that claims to be able to strengthen muscles in the abs, legs, and the entire core, and also claims to be able to improve your balance in the process. The device found new life when it appeared on the popular entrepreneurial TV show Shark Tank in 2015, and since then, the product has been sold through a number of outlets, both online and off.

Simply Fit Board is the brainchild of Gloria Hoffman and her mother Linda Clark, who first brought the idea to life and attempted to prove that there was a market for the product itself. That desire translated to results as the pair sold nearly 16,000 boards before they ever even set foot onto the stage on Shark Tank.

The board itself is a simple plastic mold that slants upwards on both sides, allowing the user to swivel on the fulcrum point in order to use the device. These types of products have certainly been seen before, as traditional balance boards have been around for many years, but the key difference in the Simply Fit Board is that it allows for the swivelling action as well as the more basic back and forth motion provided by others. The minds behind the product claim that this allows you to get a full workout in without going to the gym. The board comes in four different colors, including Green, Orange, Magenta and Blue.

For thousands of people all over the country, finding the time to exercise and keep up with gym memberships, routines, and other complications make things very difficult, especially considering how busy the lives we lead today tend to be. A simple product like this that claims to be able to get an entire core workout in “in minutes” would potentially be a game changer for many who struggle to stay fit, but only if said product actually lives up to the standards set by the team behind the Simply Fit Board.

We’ll take a look at the effectiveness of balance boards in general here in a moment, but first, let’s take a closer look at the Shark Tank story behind the Simply Fit Board.

Simply Fit Board Shark Tank Involvement

The makers of Simply Fit Board made it onto the Emmy-winning ABC reality TV show in 2015 in order to pitch for an investment from one of the shows celebrity investors. Gloria Hoffman and her mother, Linda Clark, took the stage to demo the product and immediately caught the attention of Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner, who ended up making a deal for a $125,000 investment in exchange for a 20 percent stake in the brand.

The results of the TV appearance and subsequent deal were astronomical. Only a day after the episode aired, a TV spot was run for the product, featuring Clark. Over the course of the following 24 hours, they sold over 34,000 units, and in 48 hours they’d managed to accumulate over $1.7 million in sales of the product.

So, clearly the product has been fairly successful since its inception, but why exactly is it a hit? What do people enjoy so much about the Simply Fit Board, and how is it supposed to work, exactly?

How Simply Fit Board Claims To Work

The makers of the Simply Fit Board claim that the secret to the balance boards effectiveness lies in its easy to use, raised-side design. The construction quality of the board means it can hold up to 400 pounds of weight, and can be used by both men and women as part of an exercise routine or as a standalone activity. The makers of the product say that you can perform a range of different exercises while on the device, and the unique swivel motion provides unique and engaging stimulation to multiple areas of the body, depending on how you use it.

This all sounds sort of like a dream come true, but in truth, can you really expect to see results from a balance board such as the Simply Fit Board?

How Effective In General Are Balance Boards?

One thing is clear this far; there is certainly a lot of hype surrounding the Simply Fit Board. Between the TV appearances and big headlines with sales, the product seems to be a hot commodity at the moment, but in order to be able to feel confident recommending it, we need to take a look at what the experts say about these types of balance board products. What we’re really after is determining just how effective the Simply Fit Board might be at delivering on the promise of a full core workout in minutes.

According to, balance boards do in fact have several potential areas where they exhibit real benefits for the body. The article illustrates that using balance boards can have a positive impact on equilibrium repair, coordination training, injury prevention, and general fitness as a whole. Additionally, Mayo Clinic seems to support the claim that balance exercises have a positive effect on multiple aspects of human health.

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the health benefits associated with balance boards like the Simply Fit Board, let’s find out how much it’ll cost you to get your hands on one of your own.

Simply Fit Board Pricing & Return Policy

The Simply Fit Board is currently available in several different retail stores throughout the country, as well as on Amazon and finally, directly through the manufacturers. The product looks to be selling at $39.99, but if you opt to go through the manufacturer, you’ll also need to pay an additional $7.99 fee for p&h. The manufacturer also offers a few accessories, such as an exercise mat and a series of instructional workout DVD’s that are meant to be used in conjunction with the Simply Fit Board.

As for the return policy, it varies by vendor, but from the manufacturer, you receive a 60-day money back guarantee, and they state that if you aren’t satisfied, they’ll even cover the p&h and any fees to ship the product back as well.

What Others Are Saying About Simply Fit Board

The Simply Fit Board has over 1,400 reviews on, 56% of which are 5 stars. Dozens of these reviews are utterly glowing with praise for the product, stating that it meets or exceeds expectations of durability, convenience and above all else, effectiveness. That being said, there were a number of reviews that were describing issues with cracking and breaking, especially when the product was being used on hard surfaces. Overall, though, these were few and far between, and this honestly seems like a product simple enough to simply work.

The Bottom Line: Can Simply Fit Board Deliver On Its Core Promises?

Looking back on everything we’ve learned about the Simply Fit Board, we can say with confidence that there’s something about this product that people simply seem to love. We haven’t tested it ourselves, and there were some outstanding complaints around effectiveness and breakage, but on the whole, users seemed to be genuinely pleased with the product, and the science is clear on the benefits that you can expect from balance boards and related exercises.

If you’d like to give the Simply Fit Board a try, just be sure and keep the return policy of whatever outlet you purchase it from in mind, but judging from our research, we’d say it’s fairly likely that you’ll be pleased with the purchase.

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