Silver Naturally is an “As Seen On TV” spray cleaner sold by Prime Direct Brands that claims to be the only cleaner of its kind to harness the power of silver. Silver Naturally insists its formula is all natural, non-toxic, kills 99% of germs, eliminates odors and bacteria, and can be used almost anywhere.

What do they say is so awesome about Silver Naturally that it will clean up my home?

Silver Naturally claims to contain the precious element silver, which they state has the power to clean, disinfect, and deodorize, killing 99% of bacteria and viruses; in addition, they claim it kills mold and mildew on contact as well as eliminates smoke and foul odors.

Silver Naturally boasts you can use their product almost anywhere in your home where dirt, germs, mold, as well as viruses or other yucky stuff coagulate. They suggest spraying Silver Naturally on doorknobs, air filters, pipes, sinks, sponges, cutting boards, cabinets, sneakers, and more.

They promise Silver Naturally is completely safe for you, your family and your pets and your house will be cleaner and germ-free almost instantly.

How much do they charge you for a bottle of Silver Naturally cleaner disinfectant deodorizer?

Silver Naturally comes in concentrated form and when your order, they’ll double the amount for $10 plus shipping and handling. This translates to 6 packages, which they say is enough to fill 6 spray bottles. A spray bottle is included with your order, but the size of the bottle is not mentioned.

Silver Naturally comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling and what it costs you to ship back. Prime Brands Direct customer service for Silver Naturally can be reached at (857) 263 8683 or email

Bottom Line: Is Silver Naturally the best cleaner/disinfector/deodorizer spray for my money?

Probably not. We say this for a few reasons. First of all, it’s not entirely clear how much Silver Naturally costs. The website says $10 plus $6.95 shipping for the first 3 packages and an additional charge for the second set of 3; however, when you get to the order page it lists $15.95. This discrepancy makes us concerned you will be billed additionally without your knowledge so we called Prime Direct Brands customer service and received only a voicemail (we’re waiting to hear back).

Next, how much silver is in the product? Again, this is unclear. Third, while it’s true what they say that for thousands of years silver has been used to purify water, treat the eyes of newborns, and keep wounds healthy, it should be mentioned that its benefit in wound dressings is inconclusive.

As far as colloidal silver (as it is commonly known) being a superior cleaner, disinfectant, or deodorizer we could find scant evidence this is true, aside from companies trying to sell you their products. Since these companies also tout the benefits of taking colloidal silver as a supplement for a variety of ailments, we are highly skeptical. (The Mayo Clinic states that taking colloidal silver has no proven benefits and can possibly harm you in the long term.)

Therefore, we say: keep your silver in your purse and skip the silver in the Silver Naturally cleaner.

How to naturally clean, disinfect, and deodorize your home

If you are looking for natural ways to keep your house clean and free of odors and germs, take a look at what’s already in your cupboard or purchased at the store for pennies. We found 5 homemade cleaners at and 6 greener cleaners/disinfectors/deodorizers at Essentially all of these use the same basic 5 ingredients: dish soap, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar. You can add citrus or oils for a pleasant scent.

Making your own cleaners is easy, will save you money, and might possibly be a bit fun. Let us know if you tried any of these or took the plunge and bought Silver Naturally below!