Silk’n ReVit is a handheld microdermabrasion tool that claims to use the exfoliating power of diamonds along with vacuum stimulation to reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and acne scars. Silk’n ReVit claims this exfoliation is gentle and will remove the upper dead layer of skin, revealing younger skin underneath, and the vacuum will trap the flakes in a removable filter.

How does Silk’n ReVit claim to work to remove dead skin and make me look younger?

Silk’n ReVit is what’s called microdermabrasion – using very tiny particles to remove the top layer of dead skin. Their tool claims to use a combination of exfoliation using diamonds, and vacuum power. Silk’n ReVit comes with 3 different Peeling Tips that fit on top of the device and are coated with tiny diamonds: Precision, Fine, and Coarse. These tips are round and hollow, with the diamond coating along its edge.

To begin your treatment with Silk’n ReVit they instruct you to first wash your face. Next, put on the Peeling Tip of choice and press the button on, and then again for the Low Setting or twice for the High (if it’s your first time using Silk’n ReVit they recommend starting with Low). Then, gently rub it across one of 11 treatment areas on your face like a pencil, using in the strokes outlined in the diagram.

They claim Silk’n ReVit’s tip will gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, revealing newer, younger skin underneath; they add the vacuum suction power will remove the dead cells from your face as well as stimulate collagen growth. They state if you spend 5-10 minutes treating each area every 3 to 4 days as needed, they insist fine lines as well as acne scars and age spots will be erased, revealing the younger more beautiful you underneath.

They add you can interchange the 3 different tips included and you’ll know when the filter needs replacing when it is completely covered with dead skin cells removed from your face.

How much do they charge you for Silk’n ReVit’s microdermabrasion device?

Silk’n ReVit has an option to buy their tool right now for $99.00 including free shipping or you can take advantage of a “risk free” offer for $14.95 shipping, where they will let you try it. If you like it, do nothing and 30 days after shipping you will pay the first of 3 payments of $33.00.

When you make your purchase, they try to upsell you a Swirl facial brush, Silk ‘N Cleanse cleaner, a pack of 30 ReVit filters, and a highly refined moisturizing serum for the additional price of $49.95.

If you don’t like Silk’n ReVit, they promise they will refund all money, including any shipping fees as well as what it costs to ship it back to them.

Silk’n ReVit customer service can be reached Monday through Friday 9am – 8pm EST at 1-877-367-4556.

Bottom Line: Is Silk’n ReVit a great home microdermabrasion tool that will give me younger looking skin?

Likely not. We say this for a few reasons. First, while microdermabrasion is one of the hottest trends in beauty, it offers minimal benefits to only superficial skin problems.

Microdermabrasion may indeed remove the upper layer of skin, but it can also leave you more sensitive to sun exposure, one of the main causes of aging. Also, if you do have sensitive skin, you can easily irritate it using microdermabrasion and make your skin problems worse.

As with many exfoliating tools, there is the temptation for overuse, leading to rashes or breakouts.

And, while diamonds sound fancy and are a good exfoliate, the truth is that there are plenty of cheaper ingredients that work just as good – the diamonds just give them an excuse to charge you more for it.

Then there’s the suction. While the gentle vacuum may lift the dead skin from your body and collect on the filter so you can see it, there is no evidence that it will stimulate circulation or collagen growth enough to make any lasting difference. Vacuum suction has been touted in the cosmetic industry for a hundred years as a tool to fight aging but there is still no evidence it has any real effect.

And let’s consider the amount of time you must spend using Silk’n ReVit: they state 5-10 minutes on 11 areas of the face 3 times a week. If you were to do that, it would take almost 2 hours each time, again setting you up for the possibility of over using it. Then there’s the upsell of the skin cream package and filters, which adds on another $49.95.

We’ll give them a positive point for promising to refund all of your money, including the return shipping fees if you don’t’ like it; however, the 30-day period starts from the date it is shipped, not when you receive it, which results in lost time to try the product.

Home Skinovations, the company that sells Silk’n ReVit does have an A rating from the BBB; however there is a negative review from a buyer in Canada who said they had difficulty returning the product.

Consumer reviews on Amazon for Silk’n ReVit are mostly positive (4.1 stars from 35 reviews) but the most helpful positive review warns that you can’t use it on your face if you have rosacea or any other skin conditions and the most helpful critical review states it simply wasn’t effective. (We also noticed many of the positives reviewers were given Silk’n ReVit for free and others were unverified purchasers.)

So what are we saying? We feel there are better, safer, and less expensive ways to reduce wrinkles than Silk’n ReVit: WebMD lists 23 of them. Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the body and is very sensitive – be gentle with any treatment method you choose, be patient, and expect only modest results.