Silk Advanced Biotin Complex (aka Silk Hair) promises women if you take this supplement you will have longer, thicker, fuller hair in just 21 days. They tout Silk Hair’s “cutting edge” formula was developed by elite beauticians and clinically proven to give you gorgeous locks in just days.

The Silk Hair Pitch

Silk Advanced Biotin Complex attempts to appeal to your vanity/insecurity/envy by stating 95% of men first notice beautiful long hair and show a picture of a woman with long blond locks covering her face. (She is most likely a model who has never used the product.)

Next, Silk Hair draws you in emotionally with a long-form pitch, filled with words like “seduce” “fairytale” and “supermodel” to get you in the buying frame of mind. There is a chart that claims to show 83% hair growth in 21 days in people that take Silk Advanced Biotin Complex, but there is no information as to where they get these numbers.

Silk Hair does include links to 4 studies at the very bottom of their page, but we looked at them more closely. Study 1 examined topical application of niacin to combat female hair thinness; while it said there was “promise” for this treatment, this was only a pilot study designed only to assess the feasibility of conducting an actual trial.

Study 2 flat out says “excessive intakes of nutritional supplements may actually cause hair loss and are not recommended in the absence of a proven deficiency.”

Study 3 is an overview of biotin from the University of Maryland Medical Center, which says there are not many good quality studies evaluating biotin and “very weak evidence suggests” that biotin supplements may improve thin hair. 

Study 4 is a study assessing the ability of an oral supplement to increase hair growth in women. While this study appeared to show an increase in hair density in those who took a pill containing vitamin C, shark and mollusk powder, it was sponsored by LIfes2goodinc, a maker of hair supplements. 

In other words, there is actually no clear, unbiased evidence that Silk Advanced Biotin Complex will work as promised.

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Silk Hair Cost:

Silk Hair says a 30-day supply is available for just $4.95 shipping, but the fine print reveals some rather hair-raising details. First, you only have 14 days from date of order (not when you receive it) to decide whether it’s working. 

After that 14th day they will charge you $89.99 and sneakily enroll you in a membership program sending you a new bottle of Silk Hair every 30 days and charging you $89.99 until you call to cancel.

Unless you check the “decline” box you will also be enrolled in the Complyments Health Club which charges you $1.95 per month for access to a website they say is filled with beauty and health tips.

Silk Advanced Biotin Complex touts a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we spoke to a customer service representative and they told us they only accept unopened bottles for return.

In other words: there is a window of time shorter than the 21 days it says it takes Silk Hair to work, otherwise you will owe at least $89.99.

Bottom Line: Is Silk Hair a Scam?

Silk Advanced Biotin Complex tempts women with a low trial offer that appears to be difficult if not impossible to cancel before the trial period is up and opened bottles are not eligible for a return.

If that doesn’t scare you off, remember there is no real evidence that taking any supplement can give you thicker, fuller hair. We suggest you read this article by Erica Douglas aka the Sister Scientist, who investigated the claims of biotin as a hair supplement and concluded they were weak. “Hair cannot grow or expand to become thicker… it’s biologically impossible,” she said. Paula’s Choice also did a lengthy investigation and came to a similar conclusion. (It should be noted that both these sites are also selling beauty/hair products.)

Instead of taking Silk Hair or any supplement for hair, we suggest making sure you eat enough protein and checking with your doctor to see if you have an iron or vitamin deficiency, in which case they may prescribe a multivitamin. You may also want to read: 8 Dermatologist Tips for Healthier Hair.

And let us know what you think of Silk Hair below!

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