The Side Sleeper Pro Pillow claims to be a therapeutic neck and back pillow designed by chiropractor Larry Cole that promises to gently align your spine so you get a good night’s rest. They state it’s filled with air beads and its shape was designed to make side sleeping more comfortable so it will reduce aches and pains and even help lessen snoring.

How Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Is Different

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow looks kind of like a candy cane, minus the stripes. What they allege makes it unique from other pillows is its both the air bead filling that keeps you cool and the design that they claim will change your sleeping position for the better.

They state the top curve of the pillow cradles your head and neck while the tail gently adjusts your back to ensure correct posture. There is also a “comfort ear well,” which is basically a hole in the top of the pillow for your ear that can also serve as a guide to where to rest your head.

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow states that there are over 2 million satisfied customers all over the world on 5 continents.

How Do You Sleep At Night?

According to WebMD, 63% of Americans sleep on their side, the position Side Sleeper Pro Pillow claims to be designed for. While Side Sleeper Pro Pillow suggests that anyone can use it, Dr. Steven Park MD and author of Sleep Interrupted cautions against changing your natural position because it can negatively affect your sleep.

In addition, Dr. Andrew Cole MD on says when trying to alleviate pain while sleeping there’s “no magic answer” and suggests finding a pillow that “follows you rather than having to follow the pillow.”

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Sells For:

$32.89 which includes 2 Side Sleeper Pro Pillows and cotton pillowcases; this is pitched as $19.99 plus $7.95 P&H for the first and $4.95 in fees for the second one, but they state the pillowcases are free.

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus the $12.90 in fees and what it costs to send these fluffy boys back. Sight Right Pillow also includes a 25-year warranty.

Bottom Line: Should You Sleep On Side Sleeper Pro Pillow?

Sleep is something everyone needs and wants, but many of us have trouble getting enough. We appreciate the 25-year warranty for Sleep Right but there are some other things we think you should consider.

First, are you one of the 63% that sleep on your side? If so, Side Sleeper Pro Pillow may be a good choice – if not, you may want to consider another pillow that better suits your needs.

Second, although it claims to be “doctor recommended” it really is referring to the inventor, Dr. Cole, who recommends you buy his product.

You may be comforted by the fact that Side Sleeper Pro receives mostly positive reviews on Amazon and Walmart. While there were complaints that it loses its firmness after a while, the biggest issue from everyone seemed to be that it doesn’t come with any replacement pillowcases and no way to buy another from the manufacturer without another pillow. (We should mention the reviews from those that hated this pillow complain that they woke up in a lot of pain.)

If you’d like more information about sleep (and how to get some) before deciding on Sleep Right Pillow, we suggest checking out:

And if you do decide to buy it, here’s a link a reviewer supplied to an Etsy store that sells Side Sleeper Pro Pillowcases (you’re welcome).

Let us know what you think of Side Sleeper Pro Pillow below!