Shower Wow is a showerhead attachment that promises to turn your morning shower into a relaxing, colorful experience. They claim this is because Shower Wow has a rainbow’s array of LEDs inside that change as you wash yourself, potentially turning any dull morning into a watery discotheque.

What’s so “wow” about Shower Wow?

Shower Wow looks like an ordinary plastic showerhead with a chrome finish. However, once you replace your old head with the Shower Wow, they promise it will come to life, with the LEDs hidden in its face transitioning between all the colors of the rainbow. They tout that Shower Wow uses no batteries or electricity to do this, using water pressure instead. They add Shower Wow fits any shower and is built to last for years.

Shower Wow exclaims it will not only make your mornings much more colorful and dazzling, but your kids will love it too – no more crying or reluctance! Instead, they state they’ll be smiling, singing, and possibly doing a jig all thanks to Shower Wow.

How much are they charging for a Shower Wow showerhead?

Shower Wow sells on the website for $14.95 plus $7.95 for a total of $22.90. However, the default is to add a “bonus” Twinkle Tub Light that seems to work in a similar fashion in the bathtub for another $5. So if you don’t want that, you need to un-check the box, otherwise the total will be $27.90.

Shower Wow Refund Policy

Shower Wow comes with a typical refund for these types of “As Seen On TV” products – 30 days less shipping and handling. This means if you return Shower Wow you will get back your $14.95 but they’ll keep the $7.95 (and $5 Twinkle Tub Light fee) and you will also have to pay to ship it back to them. There is no warranty after 30 days.

Bottom Line: Is Shower Wow a groovy idea for my bathroom shower?

For those looking for a way to add dazzle to your morning, the concept of Shower Wow is certainly fun and we like that it uses water pressure to do its thing. However, in spite of what they say in the commercial, it is hardly new or innovative as there are several other LED showerheads in the marketplace.

We couldn’t find any specific reviews of Shower Wow as when we wrote this in July 2015 it was still new. However, we found a MagicShowerhead that looks and seems to work very similarly. This showerhead averages 3 stars from 431 reviews. The most common complaints are that it is cheaply made and broke after a short time.

Will Shower Wow fare the same as MagicShowerhead? Possibly, but judging from the more positive reviews of that product, we can make some suggestions about Shower Wow.

First, remember that you probably need a good amount of water pressure for it to work well. Second, use some plumber’s tape on the thread when you attach it to prevent leaks.

Shower Wow will also likely have a better effect if you turn the lights low or off while in the shower but this could make it dangerous getting in and out. Also, if you get too happy and start dancing around you could slip and fall.

And while it may be a good thing that you can get your kids to take longer showers, this could lead to a higher water bill. (And if you are in the West, you are wasting precious water!)

Finally, remember Shower Wow is an “As Seen On TV” product and we don’t know anything about the company who makes it; generally speaking these gadgets often make grand promises and then disappoint upon arrival. So if you do order it, keep your expectations in check and expect a wait of up to 30 days before shipping.

To recap: Shower Wow is a plastic showerhead with a chrome finish and built-in LEDs. It only has one setting and no water-saving mechanism. If you are interested in a more advanced type of disco shower, you may want to check out DreamSpa, made from all chrome and has 5 settings – it receives 4-stars from reviewers on Amazon.

Let us know your experience with Shower Wow below!

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