Shiwala Magic Mop from National Express is a spinning mop head that claims to have a microfiber head and works great wet or dry. They tout its no-scratch scrubbing center safely cleans all floors without any damage, its portable sprayer sprays right on the mess, and the head is machine washable so it can be used again and again.

How Shiwala Magic Mop Works

Shiwala Magic Mop is essentially a mop that spins and has a compartment that holds cleaning fluid or water that is released with a spray trigger. Shiwala Magic Mop is said to have a rotating 360-degree head that you cover with an included orange microfiber mop. This microfiber cloth is said to be highly absorbent and can be used wet or dry on any floor as well as a duster for walls and ceilings.

The Shiwala Magic Mop claims it’s great for all types of floors and won’t scratch them. They promise it can pick up everything from dirt or mud, dust, ketchup, and even liquid pet messes. With the pull of the trigger, they claim you can spray the floor with water or your favorite cleaning solution. When done cleaning, they instruct you to toss the microfiber head in the washing machine so it’s ready for your next spill. 

Shiwala Magic Mop Cost:

$37.90, which includes 2 mop heads (listed as $29.95 plus $7.95 S&H). You can also order additional 2-packs of mop heads for $12.95 plus $3.95 S&H ($16.90) as well as 4-gallons of cleaner for $9.95 plus $1.95 S&H ($11.90).

Shiwala Magic Mop comes with a 90-day “100% money back guarantee” but this does not include any S&H and what it costs you to send it back. 

Bottom Line: Is Shiwala Magic Mop a Good Mop?

We couldn’t find any specific reviews of Shiwala Magic Mop, but there are some things we’d like to point out. First of all, in spite of its claims, there are quite a few 360-spinning mops in the marketplace including the Hurricane Twin Spin Mop. The Twin Spin also comes with a bucket and spinning centrifuge to remove dirt from the mop head as you use it. 

Shiwala Magic Mop doesn’t come with a bucket or any easy way to wring it out, but unlike the Twin Spin it comes with a sprayer, which could save you from bending over to apply cleaner to your floor.

National Express, the company behind Shiwala Magic Mop, currently has a B rating from the BBB, which lists 140 complaints in the last 3 years (as of May 2015). The BBB says most of these complaints have been resolved satisfactorily. Some of the complaints had to do with long shipping times (Shiwala Magic Mop lists a 2-6 week shipping window) as well as unwanted solicitations for other products. National Express’ Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you via email for other products as well as sell or rent your email info to third parties. They do have an Unsubscribe button on the Shiwala Magic Mop website and promise to honor all removal requests. 

If you are still interested in Shiwala Magic Mop we’ll let you in on a little secret that will save you a long wait and other solicitations: check your local Target, Walgreens, or other retailer’s “As Seen On TV” aisle. In spite of the fact that they say these products are not sold in stores, they usually are about a month or so after they air on TV and often at a lower price.

Let us know your experience with Shiwala Magic Mop below!

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