Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are a temporary stick-on tattoo that looks like a piece of metallic jewelry. They say these “designer” tattoos are safe, made from a waterproof material, last 4-6 days, and can easily be removed with baby oil.

Shimmer Jewelry tattoos state this is the “hot” look everyone is talking about, but let’s see if these faux-tats REALLY live up to their hype.

The Shimmer Jewelry Tattoo Pitch

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are targeted at younger women or those that like to be a part of the latest fashion trend. The commercial exclaims that from St. Barts,  San Tropez, South Beach, London, and LA comes this new look, the metallic temporary tattoo. They attempt to appeal to everyone’s inner narcissist by promising “you will be turning heads and getting noticed” when you wear these temporary body adornments.

How Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos Work

They don’t specifically disclose what Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are made from (except to say they are waterproof) but judging by similar products, they appear to be gold or silver-colored foil with an adhesive backing. The package comes with a variety of shapes (50 total) that mimic bracelets, armbands, ankle bracelets, earrings, rings, charms, and shimmer; there is also 1 headdress design.

Except for the images shown in the commercial, they do not specifically show you the shapes your order comes with. To use Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos, select a “tattoo,” put it on clean, dry skin, and wait for it to set.

Then, expose your adorned epidermis to the paparazzi – they promise these glittery accouterments will not only turn heads but also stay put for 4-6 days. They add it is safe for all skin types and easily removed with baby oil.

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos Will Cost You:

$15.99 ($10 plus $5.99 S&H). Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, minus S&H and return postage.

Bottom Line: Is Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos a Scam?

These tattoos may glitter and stick to your skin, but we think you should know:

  • Temporary metallic tattoos are very hot right now, with Flash Tattoos being the one of the most popular (and most expensive).
  • A quick online search reveals there are lots of other companies designing and selling “flash tattoos.”
  • Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos do not specifically show the designs/patterns that come with your order.
  • Because Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are much cheaper than Flash Tattoos and are an “As Seen On TV” product, you should probably keep your expectations low.
  • When you purchase Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos, you sign an arbitration agreement limiting your ability to sue them.
  • Their privacy policy lets them call you on the telephone or solicit you via snail mail and email as well as give your personal information to “reputable” third parties.

Let us know what you think! Did you buy Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos and did they make everyone’s head turn? Or did they just laugh? Let us know below!