Shape Cakes are a bendable mold that the manufacturers claim will let you create dazzling baked goods just like the pros. It comes with two plastic strips you use in a metal pan that they promise will shape your creations into candy canes, hearts, flowers, and more.

But are these pieces of plastic something you really need to create a culinary masterpiece? Let’s investigate further, shall we?

The Shape Cakes Pitch

Shape Cakes is targeted primarily at women who like to bake but are perhaps disappointed by the “dull” design offered by an ordinary pan. It’s pitched by a woman named Connie Willis (not the science fiction author) who shows an array of uniquely-shaped and decorated cakes that she says took “just minutes” but were probably created by a professional food stylist.

How Shape Cakes Work

Shape Cakes are essentially two strips of plastic they state is made of food grade silicon and BPA-free. They don’t explicitly say how long each piece is but a call to customer service revealed they are 31 inches long and 2 3/8 inches wide.

In the commercial, Connie says the secret to Shape Cakes is inside these moldable strips: they contain specially designed high heat magnets that “snap” Shape Cakes into place.

To use Shape Cakes, they instruct you to take an ordinary metal cooking tray and bend Shape Cake strips into a design and join together with the provided clips. You can make a teardrop, clover, heart, and more (Shape Cakes orders come with a shaping guide book). Then, pour in the batter. As the cake is baking, they state the magnets keep the mold in place and create a leak-proof seal.

When done, remove the Shape Cakes mold pieces and decorate. Connie promises you can also use Shape Cakes with meatloaf, banana bread, or even mac and cheese and says “if you can bake it, you can shape it!”

Shape Cakes Cost… WHAT??

$34.97 includes 2 31” x  2 3/8” Shape Cake pieces , a 15-piece decorating kit, and the shaping guide. This total amount is hidden by saying it’s $19.99 retail plus $7.99 shipping but they also charge you an additional $7.99 in fees for the second “free” Shape Cake piece.

Customer service also informed us an upgrade for a longer set of 2 43-inch pieces was available before checkout for an additional $9.99.

Shape Cakes have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but even if you return it they will still “eat” the $14.98 in fees.

Bottom Line: Is Shape Cakes a Scam?

Shape Cakes may indeed help you with unique-looking cakes. But remember, it’s going to cost you at least $35 for the privilege (more if you order the “deluxe” version).  On top of that, $15.98 in shipping fees seems awfully expensive for 4 strips of plastic (even if they include a decorating kit and shaping booklet).

If Shape Cakes does interest you, may we suggest waiting until it’s available from Amazon, Walgreens, or some other retailer that will probably charge less in fees and disclose the dimensions of the product. Happy baking! (Let us know what you think below!)