Seremolyn is a supplement that promises to boost your mood because it is said to contain a blend of ingredients that naturally increase serotonin levels in the brain. Seremolyn promises if you take their pill 3 times a day you will have reduced anxiety, fewer obsessive thoughts, be calmer, and less depressed.

What is Serotonin and How Does It Affect Depression?

Seratonin is a chemical in our brains thought to help relay signals from one area to another. According to WebMD because serotonin is found in all areas of the brain it is believed to affect a great many functions, including mood, appetite, sleep, and sexual function. And while many researchers believe low levels of serotonin in the brain can cause depression, there are no studies that actually prove this. (Antidepressants called SSRIs are said to help with serotonin but it’s unclear how they work.)

There are natural ways to boost serotonin, and these include diet and exercise. One of the precursors of serotonin is tryptophan, found in foods like turkey and milk. While some believe a diet of foods rich in tryptophan will help increase serotonin and reduce depression, the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin is complex and not fully understood. There is some evidence taking tryptophan in pill form can affect serotonin levels and according to the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at McGill University in Montréal, is worth investigating as an alternative to SSRIs.

What Ingredients are in Seremolyn? 

Seremolyn touts 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan as its main ingredients, but a look at the label shows it contains a host of other ingredients as well. These are listed below along any information we found next to them.

  • Vitamin D3 (1000IU) – According to Harvard Health, vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin for bone health that many people do not get enough of. Recently, some physicians have questioned its effectiveness as a supplement for other ailments, saying enthusiasm has outpaced available evidence. 
  • Niacin (30mg) A B vitamin that according to the Mayo Clinic may boost “good” cholesterol but may also cause side effects like liver damage or infection. There is no evidence it does anything for mood.
  • Vitamin B6 (20 mg) Said to be involved in the production of serotonin but some doctors warn too much of it can cause numbness or nerve damage. 
  • Magnesium (40 mg) A common ingredient in found in laxatives but so far there is insufficient evidence it helps with anxiety.
  • A “Mood Blend” of chamomile, valerian root, lemon balm, and jujube (450 mg) There is some evidence these ingredients reduce anxiety and/or help with calmness and sleep. The actual amounts of each are not listed.
  • L-TRYPTOPHAN (400 mg) As mentioned above, there is some evidence taking it in a supplement can influence serotonin levels. (It should be noted that the FDA banned imported L-tryptophan supplements in 1989 after tens of thousands became sick and some died. It was thought that the supplement itself was contaminated. L-tryptophan itself is not banned but some still think there are dangers.)
  • 5-HTP (150 mg) According to the University of Maryland there have been some small-scale studies that have shown 5-HTP to help with depression; however they noted more studies are needed to prove it conclusively works. 

Conclusion: there is some evidence that some of these ingredients may help with mood disorders and/or affect the levels or serotonin in the brain. However, there is still a lot we don’t know about the brain and how it uses serotonin and concerns about L-tryptophan as a supplement persist.

How Much is Seremolyn?

  • 5 bottles for $149.55
  • 3 bottles for $99.70
  • 1 bottle for $59.80

Seremolyn says it does not enroll you in an auto-ship program so if you need more you will have to re-order. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee but this date is from when you ordered it not when it arrived and is subject to a $5 restocking fee per unit.

Bottom Line: Will Seremolyn Help Boost my Mood?

Based on the label shown on the website, Seremolyn appears to be made by Perform Vita, a company based in Los Angeles that also sells Neuroflexyn, a brain supplement that receives very poor reviews at our sister website Highya. Many people have complained that the company is a scam and they had trouble contacting them and getting their money back. Indeed, we attempted to contact them via the phone number listed 888-317-8177 and it was continuously busy. (This is a different number that is listed for Neuroflexyn.)

We also looked at their FAQ page and as of this writing (June 2015) it was still filled with Greek text, a common placeholder for future content on an incomplete website. We researched the trademark of Seremolyn and discovered it was just recently approved for publication, so this may explain the website and phone issues.

Screenshot of FAQ page from Seremolyn's website
A screenshot of the FAQ page

However, the Seremolyn website boasts it has over 320,000 satisfied customers, which contradicts the other information we found. With all these factors combined, we cannot recommend purchasing from this website.

Alternatives to Seremolyn

Depression and anxiety affect a lot of people – some estimates say 1 in 10 people are taking antidepressants. That kind of news is depressing in and of itself, but if you are feeling lousy (especially suicidal) we strongly urge you seek professional help.

Of course, everyone has down days, which is completely normal. For mild depression, there are a number of natural alternatives that show promise for helping people feel better. We have noted some of them above, but an article on CNN outlined a number of supplements that seem to work. 

The ones that have been studied the most are Sam-E and St. John’s Wort. While there is evidence pointing to their effectiveness in treating mild depression, there can be side effects or reactions with other medications so if you are already on an anti-depressant talk with your doctor first before taking them.

Here at Bright Reviews, we recommend only purchasing supplements that have been tested by US Pharmacopeia (USP) for purity. They are a non-profit independent laboratory older than the FDA that ensures what is actually on the label is inside the bottle. You can find a list of companies that use it here (Seremolyn is not on the list). 

Other Ways To Treat/Avoid Depression

If you are feeling anxious or depressed, there are many things you can do besides taking Seremolyn or any other supplement or pharmaceutical. One of the main things is exercise, which naturally increases endorphins and promotes positive thinking. Getting into a regular routine that involves getting the heart pumping can do wonders for you.

Getting enough sleep is another important factor, but instead of taking a sleeping pill try turning off the smartphone or TV and using a sleeping mask. Meditation can reduce anxiety so try sitting in a quiet place and focus simply on breathing in and out.

You can find more tips of reducing depression in this article from WebMD.

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