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Very thin and visible band

Jul 30, 2015 | | Texas, TX

I had gotten these at Bed Bath and Beyond for my birthday. The commercial bands have very luscious hair attached to an invisible string. It had to have worked. Right? Wrong. I got home, tried it on and there was very little hair on it and it wasn't an invisible band. I have thick hair and seeing the commercial band with thick hair and the models with thick hair, I knew it might work. Do NOT waste 40 dollars on 20 pieces of hair.

Waste of money

May 31, 2015 | | London, UK

Brought these after seeing them advertised online. They arrived and the box was so light that I knew it was a bad sign. Once I unpacked them, they were so thin. After putting them in, it was clear that one was not enough and you could see the band clearly. Whenever I moved, it came out of place, making them very noticeable. I then tried to curl them using only curling tongs that did not exceed the recommended heat and I could not believe what happened. They dropped straight and I mean poker straight like they had been straightened. So I have tried to email for a refund and no reply. I received a call offering me some free trial of some offer. I said no and explained I was waiting to be contacted about my complaint and the girl on the phone had the cheek to laugh. After laughing she told me someone from customer service would call. I knew after her reaction that was a lie. I am now still waiting after five emails to them and even emailing the CEO of the company. I have now decided to go to the financial ombudsman.

Not Worth It, No Refund - had to call

May 19, 2015 | | Sherman Oaks, CA

I purchased two of the secret extensions; one for myself and one for my niece. Although not thrilled with it, my niece kept hers because she desperately wanted more hair than she has due to a thinning hair problem.

I returned the one I purchase for myself. You can absolutely see the line over the top of your head where the clear band goes, it is no secret. The color matching wasn't easy. And it took a long time for the order to arrive, about 4-5 weeks. And, the amount of hair on the product was pretty skimpy, not at all like it looks in the advertising. But, WORST OF ALL, I returned my order on 4/20 and didn't receive the refund. When I called to follow-up, they showed the return was received on 4/20 and "didn't know" why the refund wasn't issued. They said it would be issued in 3-4 business days. I wonder, if I didn't call would I ever gotten the refund?

Would NOT recommend!

Secret Extensions

Apr 2, 2015 | | California

I like how these Secret Extensions look but you can't brush the extension and you do not even have to pull, the hair comes out easily. It slides out, leaving less and less hair on the extension. Why is that?

Waste of money

Feb 16, 2015 | | United States

Horrible. What a waste of money. The so thin and the hair falls out.I only have it about a month and theres so much hair gone from the rubber band it's almost hairless. I would not recommend it to any one.

Don't even bother

Jan 5, 2015 | | Sydney, Australia

This is what I call false advertisement. They show you these girls with luscious hair, when they send you like 5 strands of hair on a piece of plastic string. They moved around your head, you can't put it up in a high anything, and they look overall fake.

Plus, their 30 day back guarantee policy only applies if they are unopened or unused. Better look through the pack because you wont be sending them back if you open them.

Over all, I think it's quite a scam and I would tell everyone I know. Do not bother, save your money people.

Don't fall for these horrible things!

Jan 3, 2015 | | New york

I ordered these extensions to come between 3-5 days and they came a month later! Then when I finally got them I opened the box and they were very flimsy also they were very thin. In the commercial they said it would give you volume. I have very thin hair and to have even thinner hair was a disappointment. I say don't buy these things and don't waist your money!

SCAM! TERRIBLE PRODUCT! Don't waste your money

Dec 27, 2014 | | Georgia

What a SCAM. It took 3 weeks to get these very SPARSE hairs on a rubber string. What you see on TV is NOT what you get. I purchased 2 and even the 2 of them together do not look anything like what Daisy Fuentes pulls out of her hair on the infomercial. This product is CRAP. Bottom line, don't waste your money.

Only lasted two months!

Dec 4, 2014 | | San Diego, CA

Within 2 months they turned to fuzz from brushing. They look terrible now! They look like dead, over processed hair! Customer service just tried to sell me new ones. These suck! Do NOT buy Secret Extensions!

Customer service not knowledgeable.

Nov 6, 2014 | | Edmonton Canada

I called to order the extension but the operator on the other end knew nothing about what I was asking. I was put on hold and then finally when he couldn't answer my question, they disconnected me! I ended up not ordering because if they don't have knowledge on the phone how do I know what I am getting.


Nov 3, 2014 | | Calgary, Canada

The elastic "fishing-line" is too loose and the hairpiece sags and slides down the back of your head. Might use pins, but then pins show. The structure & color of your natural hair must match exactly, and only way to feel comfortable is to disguise the problem area with scarf or pins, maybe a tiara.

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