Secret Extensions say they are a way for women to add fullness and length to their hairdo instantly (and secretly.) TV personality Daisy Fuentes says she uses it, which consists of lengths of hair-like fiber attached to a white, clear headband that looks like fishing line.

It’s no secret that Secret Extensions are sold by Allstar Products, a direct marketing company in business since 1999. (However, they seem to be unknown to the BBB, which has no info or rating.)

What is Secret Extensions

It’s 16-inches of what they call an all-new “keratin conditioned” (aka synthetic polyester blend) fiber they say looks, moves, and feels like real hair. It comes in 4 shades of blonde and brunette and 3 shades of red. They say these fibers can be cut or styled like regular hair and won’t be damaged by rain or water.

The “secret” part of the extensions is both the clear headband and the fact they say no one will know you are wearing them. Unless, of course, you do a surprise reveal like Daisy does in the commercial, pulling it off and swinging it around your head.

What Secret Extensions Do

They say you can use it with short or thinning hair to create a longer, fuller head of hair that looks completely natural. They state it blends in with your regular color, or you can choose another for a highlighted or ombre look.

What Secret Extensions Costs:

$39.99 plus $6.99 shipping + $46.98. If you want more sets, each additional Secret Extensions is $29.99 and shipping is included.

The “Secret” Refund Policy

They claim to have 30-day “color matching” guarantee, meaning if it doesn’t blend in, they’ll refund your money, minus S&H (and what it cost you to send back). However, you’d better check the color through the packaging, because they add they only accept unused, unopened merchandise.

Bottom Line: Is Secret Extensions a Scam?

The product seems to work as advertised, but there are plenty of other extensions out there that are more popular and cheaper. They appear to be using the popularity of Hair Secrets extensions, perhaps to confuse you into choosing their product. On top of that, there have been many complaints that they fail to ship the orders. Since the BBB has no info on the company either, we suggest you shop around for a better buy.