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Rotten service but...

Feb 20, 2015 | | San Antonio Texas

I ordered 2 pieces, grey for me and blonde for my daughter. I received 2 grey. Returned one of them and was promised that the blonde one would be delivered within the week. A month later and apparently they are waiting and waiting and still waiting for that color! And speaking to a live customer rep is no better than the recorded excuse. BUT, I do love my piece, color is perfect and it is so easy to anchor to my fine hair, it looks great and is by far the best of the many hair thingies I've tried in the past.


Feb 19, 2015 | | California

I ordered Golden Blonde and I got what I would call Chestnut. There is no way this is blonde! And now I have to pay to ship this back.

Got one today

Feb 7, 2015 | | NY, NY

First of all you can tell it's a hair piece because the net base is shiny and shows through the synthetic hair. It is sort of short so you will have to place it right, but good luck trying to get it on your head.

The snaps are tiny, fine combs that bend. You will try to grasp some of your hair in these combs and if you're lucky then you can try to bend the combs inward to clamp the hair in place (it will clamp on a piece of plastic so your hair is sandwiched between the comb and plastic). But try as I might I cannot get them to snap. I have to literally grab both ends of each comb and push the ends and by that time the hair has come out.

I did manage to get it half way in my hair and I must say that it blends in nicely but it can look like a toupee if you don't blend it in properly and to do this you need a fair amount of hair. I guess my hair is thinner than I thought because even this piece seemed a lot thicker and didn't look right placed near the front or top.

I honestly can't recommend this because it won't work for me. It's more like a crown that would be better used with weaves.

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