Secret Cover is a hairpiece the makers say is designed for women with thinning hair, bald spots, or just want to try out a more unique style. They state Secret Cover is lightweight and can be easily styled, promising it will perfectly blend in with your own hair or they’ll give you your money back.

How Secret Cover Works

Secret Cover measures 5” x 6” and comes in 13 shades from blonde to silver; they do not mention what type of material Secret Cover is made from, but it’s probably a synthetic polyester. They claim the “secret” part of Secret Cover is that each hair is individually knotted into an invisible fine-mesh base, allowing it to be styled in any manner. 

The base also appears to have 3 snaps on its underside. To use Secret Cover, they instruct you to place anywhere on your head you’d like more coverage or over your forehead to add bangs. Then they say to “snap” it in place, but it’s unclear how this works and customer service had no information on the product. (We’re guessing you must first attach an adhesive strip with the snap base to your head.)

Next, they tell you to style your Secret Cover to match your other hair (but don’t color it) and they insist you will have a sporty new ‘do and no one will know it’s not real.

Secret Cover Costs:

$56.98 ($49.99 plus $6.99 S&H). Secret Cover comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus those shipping fees and what it costs to send it back.

Bottom Line: Is Secret Cover a Ripoff?

We have a few questions about this product. First, what’s it made from? While the website and infomercial say it’s “naturally beautiful hair” note that this doesn’t mean it’s “natural” hair. Real hair can be rather expensive and given the fact that this is an “As Seen On TV” product, odds are it’s synthetic. 

Second, how does it work? You are instructed to “snap” it in place, but unless you have rivets installed on your head, that means you need to put them there with some kind of adhesive tape.

We tried finding out the above information (in December 2014) by calling the customer service number listed, and we were told they had no information on Secret Cover yet. We also discovered this was the same customer service number for Secret Color, a brightly colored hair extension for younger women pitched by Demi Lovato. 

Both Secret Cover and Secret Color also appear to be related to Secret Extensions, a natural color hair extender touted by Daisy Fuentes. Currently, Secret Extensions has a 1.5 star rating from consumers who complained of long shipping times and a poorly made product that didn’t add length and volume as promised

Will Secret Cover fare better with consumers? We suggest before ordering you call (844) 795-4479 and find out if they have any more information about the product before you buy it – mainly what it’s made from and how you get it to stick to your head.

And if you do purchase Secret Cover, tell us: did it blend in with your real hair as they promised? How do you snap it to your head? And what is it made out of?

We want to know!