Secret Color is a brightly colored hairpiece the manufacturers claim is inspired by singer Demi Lovato and can instantly change your look without the commitment of dye. They state Secret Color can be curled or worn straight and the patent-pending headband keeps it in place until you take it off.

But what’s the dealio with Secret Color – is it as sassy and cool as they promise or is it junk? Let’s investigate their claims together, shall we?

The Secret Color Pitch

Secret Color tempts you with the star power of Demi Lovato, the former child star now turned pop singing sensation known for her shocking locks. They say these hair extensions come in “Demi-inspired” colors and they claim you can change your mood and/or your look just by putting them on. Demi says she “lives her life in color… the color of strength” and suggests that you too can become powerful and successful if you wear this product.

How Secret Color Works

Secret Color is a 16-inch string of synthetic hair made from polyester that hangs from a clear plastic band and comes in pink, red, purple, or blue. To use Secret Color, choose the piece that best fits your mood and put it on; they say you can layer different colors for different looks. Then, go about your day and watch heads turn and jaws drop as Secret Color allegedly shows them that “you have no fear” and that “you are here.” Cue the music!

Secret Color Costs… HOW much?

$24.98 ($19.99 retail plus $5.99 in handling). Secret Color says you have 30 days to try the product and if it doesn’t make you look and feel as glamorous as Demi, or any other reason, you can return for the $19.99 but you have to pay to ship it back and they keep the handling fees.

Bottom Line: Is Secret Color a Scam?

Secret Color may be a bright hair extension, but there are a couple things we’d like to point out.

First, this product appears to be marketed by the same company that sells Secret Extensions, a synthetic hairpiece designed to add fullness and body. While Secret Color is more about adding different colors to your hairstyle, complaints about Secret Extensions include poor quality, long shipping times, and lousy customer service.

Second, it should be noted that this is not real hair. While they do not make that claim in the informercial, you should know that many people feel synthetic hair doesn’t look or feel as good. The manufacturers add that the elastic band cannot be replaced if broken and they attempt to comfort you by saying Secret Color is “moderately priced.”

Purchasers of Secret Extensions have also complained there is not enough hair to make a difference in their appearance. Again, while this is not touted as a length-enhancing product, we wonder if there will be similar complaints about Secret Color not being visible enough.

If you do decide to purchase Secret Color, let us and other consumers know how it looks and makes you feel below!