Secret Cinch is an iron-on piece of stretchable fabric that claims to close the gap between your pants and your lower back that oft exposes the top of your derrière. That way, no one at work will “crack” any more jokes!

The Secret Cinch Pitch

This product is pitched by its inventor Jennifer Higgens and marketed towards women who often wear low cut hip-hugging jeans or other types of skirts or pants that may leave themselves exposed when bending, stooping, or sitting. (We think it should be targeted at plumbers.)

How Secret Cinch Works

Secret Cinch is a piece of stretch fabric with an iron-on adhesive backing coupled with a strap and button. To use your Secret Cinch, they say to iron into the waistline on the back of the skirt, jeans, pants, etc. that you want to wear. Then, adjust the strap with the button. They say that now, when you bend over, the Secret Cinch will keep the waistband tight against your body, so no one gets a “secret peek” at your tush.

Secret Cinch’s Secret Shipping

They say this product sells for $10 plus S&H and they double your order (meaning 6 Secret Cinchers and 2 rolls Secret Hem Tape) for an additional shipping charge. But they don’t disclose these shipping and processing fees. This is a big Red Flag! They promise you can return this product within 30 days for your $10 back, but they will keep these undisclosed fees (and you’ll have to shell out a couple bucks to ship it back).

Bottom Line: Is Secret Cinch a Scam?

All signs point to Yes. First, we couldn’t find any information on the Better Business Bureau website about the two companies “behind” this product (On Demand Response and 4232 Media). When we called the customer service number, we discovered that it was just a voicemail, which didn’t build our confidence. Most importantly they don’t tell you how much the total price of this product is! They say $10 plus shipping and processing and an additional charge for the second set of Secret Cinchers, but you won’t know what you paid until you receive your final bill (BOO!)

We say: don’t buy this product direct from the website. If you are seeking to control exposure of your bottom, either buy some better-fitting clothing or wait until Secret Cinch is available from Amazon or Wal-Mart so you know exactly how much you are paying and a return won’t be a pain in the you know what.