Secret Bangs is a hairpiece for women that claims to give you instant bangs without scissors, commitment, or an expensive salon appointment. They state Secret Bangs comes in 13 colors that will blend with your hair and 2 interchangeable headbands for more variety and will allow you to go from “flirty casual” to “daytime professional” to “nighttime glamorous” in seconds. 

What is Secret Bangs Made From and How Does It Work?

Secret Bangs states its hair follicles are made from a proprietary blend of polyester that is coated in keratin, a fibrous protein found in human hair and used in many hair extension or hair loss concealing products. They insist this makes it look, move, and feel like real human hair. 

Secret Bangs is said to come in 13 multi-blended salon inspired colors, ranging from Jet Black to Platinum, so they promise you will find one that matches your hair or they’ll give you your money back. 

Secret Bangs works by being attached to a headband, which they state comes in Tortoise and Black. To use Secret Bangs, they instruct you to choose the headband you desire and attach the hairpiece to it via a Velcro-like strip. Then, place the headband over your head and, voila! Instant bangs that they claim are effortless and natural looking that will give you a variety of looks you can wear to the office or the nightclub. If you would like more volume instead, they tell you to reverse the headband and let the Secret Bangs fall over the back of your head.

How They Try and Convince You Secret Bangs are Great

Secret Bangs uses the celebrity power of Kristin Cavallari, star of reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills. They also appear to set up a camera at a shopping mall and let real women try it on. It should be noted that while these women appear to be fascinated and happy with their Secret Bangs, the ones that didn’t like it ended up on the cutting-room floor.

How to Wear and Care for Secret Bangs

Secret Bangs says their product is washable and should be cleaned after 5-7 times being worn, but you should brush it out after every use. You should use mild shampoo with lukewarm water, rinse, and let dry. They caution you to not brush out Secret Bangs while wet. You can cut or style Secret Bangs with water-soluble products but do not add color. They state that the life of your Secret Bangs will vary depending on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them. 

What Does Secret Bangs Cost?

Secret Bangs sells on the website for $29.99 for one set, which includes free shipping. If you would like to order additional Secret Bangs, they are $19.99 each, which also includes shipping.

Secret Bangs Guarantee and Return Policy

Secret Bangs promises that it will match and blend with your hair or your money back, and they give you 30 days to try it. If within that time you are not satisfied, you can return it for your money back, minus what it costs you to ship it back to them.

Bottom Line: Are Secret Bangs a Good Hair Accessory?

As of this writing (July 2015) Secret Bangs are still a new product and we couldn’t find any customer reviews (aside from the glowing testimonials on their own website).

However, Secret Bangs appears to be brought to you by the same people who sell Secret Cover and Secret Extensions, two other “secret” hair products to add volume and length, respectively. Both of these products receive overwhelmingly negative reviews on our website from customers who tried them. The main complaints are long shipping times, lousy customer service, and a flimsy product that is “fake looking” and doesn’t work as advertised.

Will Secret Bangs receive the same harsh comments from people who tried them? (They appear to be made of the same materials.) If you order Secret Bangs, please share your experience so we can let others know if they are great or a waste of money below!

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