Sealeeze says you will stop throwing food away and keep items fresher longer if you use its plastic handle/sealer. They say to slide the handle over the end of any open package and it instantly creates an airtight and waterproof seal and you can hold up to 15 lbs.

But is Sealeeze sleazee? Let’s take a looksee.

The Sealeeze Pitch

This product is pitched towards busy moms worried about food spoilage. They tout Sealeeze locks in freshness and keeps liquids inside as well as preventing them from seeping in. To prove how effective it is, they place a smartphone inside a bag closed with a Sealeeze and drop it into a fish tank; the phone appears to still be dry and working.

How Sealeeze Works

Sealeeze is a colorful plastic handle with a special closing/clasping mechanism; it come in 2 different sizes, large and small for different sized packages (the actual dimensions are not given). They tout with Sealeeze you can hold up to 15 pounds by its handle.

To use Sealeeze, slide along the open seam of any package. They don’t explain how it works but say it instantly closes up the bag keeping them fresher longer so you don’t waste money on food. They show everything from bags of flour to dog food being closed with Sealeeze and held by its handle. They say unlike other clasps, Sealeeze completely closes and won’t lose its grip.

Sealeeze Costs:

$23.94 for 12 Sealeeze, 6 large, 6 small (various colors). They try to hide the full amount by saying it’s “only” $10 plus $6.95 for 6 but then automatically add another $6.95 in S&H for the “double offer.”

You have 30-days to try Sealeeze. If it doesn’t work as they say, you can return for your initial $10 but not the $13.94 in shipping or what it costs to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Sealeeze a Scam?

We do our best to be fair to these companies and products, but in the end we are on the side of the consumer. To its credit, the company behind Sealeeze, Emson Inc., has a solid A+ rating from the BBB who say they received just 25 complaints in the last year (as of July 2014). However, their hundreds of products such as the XHose and Big Boss line of cookware receive mixed reviews from purchasers online.

In addition, we question:

  • The expensive shipping fees, which are non-refundable and total more than the product itself. This means they will make money off you, regardless.
  • Emson’s privacy policy allows them to solicit you with other offers via phone, email and sell your information to others.
  • When you click “Process Order” you are also signing a binding arbitration agreement preventing you from joining class action lawsuits or having your day in court if the product is faulty or they have made false claims.

Does the promise of an instant, airtight seal on your open food items outweigh the negatives? We’ll let you make the final call.

Did you buy Sealeeze and are you happy or sad with your decision? Drop us a review below.