Scratch + Aide from the makers of Dutch Glow is a set of products they insist will match any color wood and hide dings and scratches, saving you hundreds of dollars. They claim Scratch + Aide Scratch Mender goes on clear and the Wood Butter fills and conceals, and you can use on hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, and any other woody surface in the house.

How Scratch + Aide Works

Scratch + Aide consists of a bottle of clear Scratch Mender and a tube of Wood Butter. To use Scratch + Aide, they instruct you to squeeze a bit of Scratch Mender along the offending gouge. They state that the clear liquid will absorb the surrounding wood stain and will dry to the same color. For deeper scratches, they tell you to use the Wood Butter to fill it first, then cover with Scratch Aide. When dry, wipe clean with the included micro fiber cloth. They promise your wood surface will now be as good as new.

Scratch + Aide Price:

$22.90 – this is pitched as “only $10” but the fine print reveals they charge $7.95 for shipping and processing and another $4.95 for the supposedly free microfiber dusting/polishing cloth. In addition, when you purchase Scratch + Aide you are signing their arbitration agreement, preventing you from suing or joining any class action lawsuits should the product fail to work as advertised.

The website states the standard delivery time for Scratch Aide is 4-6 weeks. There is a also 30-day money back guarantee for Scratch Aide, minus that $12.90 in fees. 

Bottom Line: Will Scratch + Aide “Gouge” You?

We have to admit we’re wary of Scratch + Aide/Dutch Glow. Over at Highya, Dutch Glow has received 222 reviews and averages a paltry 1.5 star rating. Consumers have complained about sneaky pricing, heavy upselling, being bombarded with telephone solicitations and/or billed for unwanted products, dealing with lousy customer service, and a product that doesn’t work

Have Dutch Glow/Scratch + Aide mended their ways? Let us and other potential customers know below!

We also encourage you to read this photo article on How to Fix a Furniture Finish from This Old House. In it, they have suggestions like using clear nail polish, as well as wood wax and/or furniture markers, which are available in different colors and available from most hardware stores.