Scour Power is a brush the sellers claim is made specifically to clean stinky kitchen sinks, including regular drains as well as garbage disposals. They state a dual layer brush flips down to reach tough spots, so you’ll never have to risk putting your fingers into the teeth of your disposal again.

How Scour Power Works

Scour Power has a cap that they say you can fill with dishwashing liquid and two bristle-type brushes below it. To use Scour Power, they instruct you to place it in the offending drain of choice. They state by rotating the cap you dislodge any food particles that have been trapped in the upper drain and if you extend the brush it will also take care of the lower drain. Finally, release some of the dishwashing liquid as you twist and they promise your drain will now be squeaky clean and odor-free once again.

Scour Power Costs:

$17.95 ($10 plus $7.95 S&H) for one; however the box is automatically checked for adding a second Scour Power brush, which includes free shipping and 2 free brush holders, making the total $20, unless you un-check it.

Scour Power comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling. The infomercial states that Scour Power is also backed by a 1-year warranty, minus what it costs to ship it back to them.

Bottom Line: Is Scour Power a Scam?

Smelly drains can certainly be a problem for any kitchen, especially one with a garbage disposal. It is definitely not advisable to stick your hands in there, so Scour Power seems like a promising product that could be quick and convenient and we appreciate the 1-year warranty.

But is Scour Power something you really need to clean a dirty kitchen sink/garbage disposal? Our sources say: not necessarily. You can clean a disposal by filling the sink with ice and adding lemon/orange peel that will give you a fresh citrus scent, letting the whole thing grind its way through. You can also do the old baking soda/vinegar “volcano” trick that will get rid of gunk (and is fun to watch work).

Here are a few tips from a professional plumber about how to clean a garbage disposal that smells bad

If you do decide to order Scour Power, be aware that their Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you with other offers as well as give your information to third parties who may do the same. Scour Power says you can remove your email address by visiting and your phone and postal address by emailing

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Scour Power!