Scott Yancy, charismatic star of A&E’s Flipping Vegas has hit the road with a free “Live Real Estate Preview Event” where he promises you will learn real estate secrets from the pros.

Mr. Yancy and team offer a tantalizing program, promising an “energetic, info-packed” seminar where you will learn, amongst other things, how to create profits from nothing and generate big monthly paydays buying and selling real estate.

Is this too good to be true?

The Scott Yancy Free Events Pitch

“Free” is the operative word here. It’s emblazoned on the website, in the url, and repeatedly stated in the infomercial. It’s a powerful word alone and combined with “Make Money” and “Real Estate,” many people are undoubtedly drawn in. Add on top that Scott Yancy is a television personality on a successful show about flipping houses in Las Vegas and it’s no wonder lots of people are going to his events when they come to their local area.

Here’s some of the things they dangle in front of you:

  • Free tablet for the first 50 to register
  • Free digital camera
  • Free meal
  • Free ebook on disc

They say at this 3-hour event you will be “surprised” how “realistic and easy” it is to make money in real estate. The instructor will “open the door of possibilities” and share personal insights on how they made money and how you can apply these strategies. They say if you “truly want a great chance of becoming wealthy” you need to claim your seat at this free event!

The Scott Yancy Free Events Fine Print

At the bottom of the website, in small grey-against-black type, there are several disclaimers which you may not notice due to your excitement about making free money and possibly meeting Scott. Most notably, it says:

“After completing the introductory event, most attendees don’t use the information or make money. Like any investment, real estate carries a certain amount of risk, and it is possible to lose money investing in real estate.


“Properties shown here were purchased by Property Direct, an affiliate of the Company. Customers of the Company did not purchase these properties at these prices… and the prices shown are not typical of what you would have to pay to purchase similar properties.”


“Actual digital camera may vary in color and appearance.”

Bottom Line: Will the Scott Yancey Seminar Help you Make Money??

As we mentioned, these seminars are events that are very popular nationwide. As such, there have been a lot of online reviews that have accumulated written by people just like you who went wanting to learn how to make money flipping houses.

The overall impression is not favorable. Here are some of the things attendees have stated in their consumer reviews:

  • Very little real, practical information given during the event.
  • Scott only appears in a video at the beginning, not in person.
  • The seminar seems to be more of a hard-sell to get you to pay to attend a longer 3-day seminar with a price tag of $1997.
  • At the 3-day seminar you are then pressured into spending $20,000-$60,000 on even more events/training.
  • They promise to refund your money if you close a house within 100 days, but the process of documentation and fine print makes it nearly impossible to comply.
  • There appeared to be people in the audience that were planted to give fake testimonials.
  • The speaker was not credentialed or knowledgeable about subjects like tax liens.
  • Some people were turned off by the fact they seem to be encouraging preying on vulnerable property owners.
  • They use “group social psychology” to “manipulate” the audience.
  • You are bombarded with spam emails after going to the event.
  • The camera was a cheap product from China
  • The eBook never arrived.
  • The meal consisted of a turkey sandwich, water, chips, fruit cup, and a cookie that you had to eat in your lap.

Does the idea of this free seminar still sound appealing? Did you attend this seminar or other Scott Yancy events and LOVE them or HATE them? Let us and others know below!